Desperately Seeking Consistency #MicroBlogMondays

Two days of Driver – issues & you relearn a life lesson.

Other than attempts to shock and awe for the purpose of grabbing attention quite like Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus , I am all for consistency. Consistent reactions , trustworthy patterns , reliable processes and predictable behaviors make my world go round on its axis.

Can you imagine a world where we have no idea what time the sun goes up or traffic signals turn green or the aircraft takes off or that meeting at 9 am starts? Personal or professional , nature or man made – whatever maybe our interaction with whosoever , take a minute to wonder . While randomness may appeal to us once in a while , Consistency is a way of life .

So if we crave patterns from people , why don’t we reflect the same consistent behaviour ? Even though this post was  borderline rant as I link it up with #MicroBlogMondays I realise these short posts are becoming a pattern.

Do you thrive on randomness or do you crave consistency too ?



Linking it up with #MicroBlogMondays .

Read more about this amazing idea ‘writing in your own space ‘ here.


17 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Consistency #MicroBlogMondays

  1. Though I seek consistency, I cannot go through it. I am quite disorganized and random. Even my work is the same, no two days have the same challenges. But I thrive in it.

  2. I love routine and consistency but that’s because I always have. I did realise a long time ago that the only person I can expect consistency from is myself though. So that helped in easing my stress considerably 🙂

    1. You are so right when you say the only person one should expect any thing from is oneself .. another life lesson relearnt 🙂

    1. That’ll be me explained slightly better 🙂
      but the randomness works only when there’s a pattern . how would one know one from another otherwise?

    1. Haha .. thats a nice way to put it and I guess it applies to most of us .. but as long as one knows which side of the table one is.. helps right?

    1. Thank you so much Dahlia !! I just read your post in my inbox and was wondering why I got no ping back coz you linked my blog … and there it was your comment!!
      Atoz was a great experience for me too , I got to stretch my limits and I connected with so many blogs .. a complete win win for all of us..
      will surely accept the honor and write a post …

    1. Glad to see you here Mel! I might not be rule follower to the core , but I have my processes and I like people who show a certain pattern that is slightly predictable

  3. I enjoy consistencies but randomness nevertheless attracts my attention more. Though I love a disciplined life, I don’t look for it to be the same all along because I love variety and can get bored up pretty easily.

    1. Hmm , randomness is interesting if one has the liking for it 🙂 but when it comes to blogging or social media we all love routines right? So i guess we eventually balance out the randomness and consistency one way or the other in life.

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