Feminism is NOT wanting to be a man #MicroBlogMondays

Woke up this Sunday to a very strange quote by a modern day woman I had come to admire.

As she spoke about her personal goals of settling down as a homely wife-  a clear contrast to the picture of free thinking & free-spirited characters she’s gained recent success for , she voiced her opinions on the dreaded F word.

Feminism amongst other things as per her was wanting to be a man.

It’s quite sad how influencers in power positions who get a patient listening ear sometime are so indiscreet with their views on subjects that are larger than you and me that they do more damage to the cause than help it.

As a career woman who also happens to be married and a mother – my definition of Feminism is fairly simple and it doesn’t remotely fall near the vicinity of ‘wanting to be a man’.

I am a Feminist, who loves being a woman . Let’s rephrase being my own person.  With my views & the courage to voice them when I wish to .  I don’t enjoy being singled out , I’d rather be recognized for what I bring to the table, the conversation , to the moment.

Good or bad , with all my imperfections in place – I am a person. That’s Feminism to me .

What is Feminism to you and does it bother you the way it’s thrown around as a topic so frivolously?





Linking it up with #MicroBlogMondays .

Read more about this amazing idea ‘writing in your own space ‘ here.


8 thoughts on “Feminism is NOT wanting to be a man #MicroBlogMondays

  1. Surely it is not wanting to be a man. Many do not realise that the freedoms we take for granted today is because of feminist activism. Else we may have never got to be educated or voted..worn clothes we wanted or even driven a car. it is our right to be treated as a human being.

    1. You are so right.. Lata. Many curse the noise made on Feminism. Its this noise that has paved way for so many of us to be heard at all..

  2. Who is the fabulously awesome lady who said this? I am more amused than anything else.
    Feminism to be is ‘Choice’. Freedom of being and following things I believe and trust.

    If a karwa chauth doesn’t makes sense to me I should not be flogged for it. If it does then as well.

  3. Who is this person you admired? 😉
    Feminism is a concept most people get wrong. It’s about equality and every woman who wants that is a feminist. Wanting to be a man is certainly not anywhere linked to Feminism.
    A good microblog Chandni.

    1. By now its all over the news and inspired a fresh bout of ‘can we just google feminism’ Vs ‘ Stop hating men’ reactions.. Lisa Haydon ..was this lady. added the link to the quote. It appeared in Mumbai Mirror .. but TOI isn’t worth linking to my page so linked Huffpost..

  4. Absolutely! Feminism is a word that has been sadly misconstrued and misinterpreted. Women themselves ignorantly say they are against feminism, not knowing that today their ability to voice their opinion on feminism in itself is because of feminists of yester years who fought for women’s rights. Becuase of their fight we have the life we have today… where we can be seen and heard and more. But the fight continues.. so much more to do…

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