Beyond Reasonable Doubt #MicroBlogMondays

Maggie , a brilliant writer that I follow wrote this amazing post that I wanted to print out on pamphlets and distribute at cross roads . It was about how Anger is the new narrative in content creation  & it made so much sense in both the online and offline world. I was nodding my head all along as I read it on my phone when the post landed in my inbox & then the ordeal began.  I couldn’t find its link to share my thoughts on Twitter .

That’s when I realized , she didn’t publicize . She did what most amazing writers do . Create great content and leave it hidden on her blog. While there are hoards of mediocre content creators like Tanmay Bhat [who inspired her post in the first instance] who scream at the top of their lungs to promote their trashy content till people start buying it.

What differentiates the first writer from the second is – apart from talent ofcourse – marketing. The need , the intent and the conviction . All three or either . But beyond reasonable doubt , Good content can only find takers if its taken outside of shadows and held out in broad daylight for  all to see , consume and react to.

Till then people like me would keep searching , ignoring the substandard  [ anger/ negativity inspired ] content along the way searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack as so many worthy writers struggle with self doubt or reasons such as humility or whatever it is that holds them back.

Linking it up with #MicroBlogMondays .

Read more about this amazing idea ‘writing at your home’ here.


6 thoughts on “Beyond Reasonable Doubt #MicroBlogMondays

  1. that’s true, even though your content is good or even outstanding no one will know until you take it to the world. Its like unless you yell people wont know what you are selling in your trunk.

    1. That’s an interesting analogy karan. life’s a marketplace .. if you gotto sell your goods you gotto make a pitch.. 🙂

    1. You are right Parul , the only problem is when writers understand the importance of marketing yet shy away for some reason..

  2. Blogging and marketing do go hand in hand. Sometimes, though, marketing is hard. And then there’s the inner critic, which kicks in and tells you your content isn’t that great anyway! :-/

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