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I have often wondered how some of the most mediocre writers make it to the  ‘Best Seller’ lists . Perhaps because some really brilliant writers like Maggie are too humble or too nocturnal to hit the day light , chase agents , get their writing published and eventually land up at book readings with thousands of curious eyes staring at them. Instead they choose the quiet life of a reader who writes at odd hours and that too  ‘as an after thought’. Considering the  idea of fans mobbing her for signed copies is a bit much for the pyjama lady , the world doesn’t have a potential best-selling author. True Story.

If you believe in predictions mark this page to come back and read ‘I told you so!’ when she finally [ very reluctantly ] gets pulled into all the limelight she deserves . Till then you can soak in her brilliance via ‘Through a Stranger’s Eyes’ an e-book penned by her & listed here  . I am using this book review as an opportunity to yet again proclaim my love for her writing and the person that she is as a part of the BlogChatter eBook carnival.



Through a stranger’s Eyes takes you along on her journey to a strange land called Eerie that just like her you’d never heard of before [ unless you missed a reference to it in the movie ‘That Thing You do’] . The memoir styled story telling spread across chapters starts out with taking shaky first steps , warms up to the cold cold place that eventually becomes a home for her & leaves you teary eyed when she bids it good-bye only to leave her heart there.  As the book ends , you wonder about what life would be for her now that she’s back . You know something has changed. Within her and as a reader within you.

If you agree with me when I say great writing leaps out of the page and speaks to you then this book will be quite a noisy affair with sentences floating in your head for days . You ‘ll make a connection with the nameless stranger behind these effortlessly fluid words and thoughts . There are a mirage of emotions on display . Real & personal .She gets ecstatic when she talks about shopping or roadtrips and pensive when talking about people back home or relationships.

I quit counting how many times I went “that’s so true” when you discover gems like  “While making permanent records of fleeting moments, we forget to relish the present.” when she speaks about taking photographs or has a weak moment that she quickly recovers from in the chapter about making a difference “my greatest takeaway was to not feel guilty about making no difference at all”.  “Silence teaches you so many things, for me it was learning to be at peace with myself.”   is how she describes solitude and there are many such poignant , wise , heartwarming moments .

Two of my favourite pieces from her book will give you a glimpse of her depth as a writer.   “Knowledge is a currency, the more you exchange the more of it you have, like happiness“. she insists when she claims knowledge transfer is the world’s most under rated survival hack. And perhaps the myriad of feelings that she goes through on her journey can be best described by her lines  “Change is funny, change is weird, change in uncomfortable. But change is also delightful. Change is refreshing, its shakes you up, stirs you and finally leaves you feeling more sure about yourself.”

This book is like slow food for the soul. It’s unhurried and satiates you and leaves a bittersweet after taste.  You’d want to read the next chapter in the book , the one she’s not written as yet so suggest you follow her musings at her blog and join her for interesting conversations on twitter @maggielawate. It would be more than worth your while.

Connecting the review to the eBook Carnival . Do hop across and check out some amazing authors share their love of writing and make the world a happier place !

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