Get Set Go!

Its a brand new month. But that’s not just the only thing new about this day. September is a special month, almost as special hopefully as August was. But before we get in the 5th Gear , here’s a flash back .

Eight months into 2016 , as I take a minute after many many crazy days of donning multiple hats and as many sleepless nights trying to give shape to this new space , I can see how everything seems like the part of a bigger plan.

Nope , I am not a very grateful person & this isn’t a reflections post . But as a believer in fate , I could see August working out like the last few frames of a mystery thriller when every thing starts to make sense . No more talking in circles , here goes.

I kick started 2016 with a VisionBoard in place. Vision BoardAmongst many things , it was centered around Home and Happiness. I realize now how they are one and the same thing for me. Its been a lot of work , it came to me way too late but ‘Being at home’ is ‘Happiness’ and that’s why setting up , entertaining guests and taking a break to spend more time at home , were the highlights of August.

Interestingly , Digital Identity and creativity merged into the idea of ‘Home’ quite seamlessly. My wordpress blog now also has it’s own home so As you can see , August was a month of many firsts .

I won a workplace R&R for the very first time. I had to sadly let it go. But I’ve grieved and am over it now . Infact it definitely was for the better because it helped me choose what I really wanted.

I also attended the fabulous #SheroesSummit. The day I put myself first , took an off to attend something that wasn’t for me as a professional or me as a wife/ mother or daughter-in-law. It was for me . The very first time on a weekday – a day spent learning and unlearning some life lessons. A Post on ‘Learning & Unlearning some Life Lessons @ SheroesSummit ‘ will be up soon. Sheroes


I was in two minds about my break from work . It was the two incidents above that gave me that gentle shove and pushed me to the other side . So yes the biggest announcement shaping September is , I’ve decided to take 3 months off my life to step back and soak in the picture and figure out my next strokes. I would be documenting this phenomenal phase through #InstagramStories & Tweets and may be picture posts with the tag #ThisAndDoingNothing. Feeling jealous already? Good, that’s exactly the idea!

August was also about winning and let’s see if you find this interesting too.Those amazing guys at Rangroute chose me as one of the winners for an ‘Independence Day’ Photo prompt. Also HostMyBlog guys chose my reply on a Blogging related question to give me a free self hosted site.

Yup , all that happened over one month!

But we are stepping into September and I have Big plans.  This space for starters needs to get in better shape [ and so do I , but lets not get into that line of thought right now ] . I am also a part of #MyFriendAlexa campaign by #BlogChatter , so am going to be engaging with old friends and new ,  reading & sharing a lot of BlogLove and hoping the magic rubs off on my brand new page too!

Am closing this post with a quote that literally defines my life. I ran and ran for so long chasing something I had no clue about till I stopped for a second to realize I was doing it all wrong , cause ‘What you seek is seeking you- Rumi’.

Did you have an Awesome August ? Is your September looking Super already? Drop me message and let’s chat about it shall we!


26 thoughts on “Get Set Go!

  1. Nice reflections
    And i can sense more nice will be the upcoming three months
    Hooked to the hash tag and Instagram picture stories good .
    Good luck for #MyFriendAlexa ??

    1. Dixita!!! your ‘s is the first comment on my self hosted blog and seriously knew it would be you!! Have a great September and keep spreading the sunshine!

  2. Good to read about your journey, Chandni.
    August was awful for me. Hoping September is better 🙂

    Good luck with putting yourself first! You deserve it!

    1. Hello SIM , I can’t still get over our chat yesterday. I have such a good feeling about September. Let’s do this!! err .. also thanks for dropping by !

  3. Love your vision board and so exciting to hear about your 3-month thing. Sounds like a step ahead for better. All the very luck and love!
    I also like the new feel of your blog. It has a calming effect and I am looking forward to your stories on IG and Twitter.
    August was good other than my health issues. My gratitude post is up but yes, I am looking forward to a better September. Hugs!

    1. This is the closest I would ever come to a gratitude post Parul. Ive reconciled with the fact that am an ungrateful person. But your posts are like a must read so am heading right there and soaking in the good vibes. You take care and get better health-wise soon.
      Thanks for your comments on my blog though its WIP still..Hugs right back at you!

  4. It is awesome that your months off begin with this journey. I had a horrible August and hope to have a better September, but August actually taught me a lot about where I stand and how I can handle things that I actually thought I could not. Taking time off for SHEROES Summit was the best decision ever even for me. All the best for #MyFriendAlexa and looking forward to this wonderful month

    1. Isn’t it strange how we meet with people who are just like us .. so so strange Jaibala! Put august behind you where it belongs and let’s move forward coz the FUTURE is here! Loads of love .

  5. The right way ahead, is through introspection and you did just that! Love the new look of the blog and I am sure the coming three months will prove to be the most eventful for you. Best always!

  6. It’s always good to take a break, step back and decide what one wants in life. I took a 2 months break two years back when I was really stressed out. Best decision of my life. Congrats on your achievements and hope you find more of them in future 🙂

  7. Hi Chandini,

    Congratulations and I love the look of the blog. Elegant. August has been just okay. I hope September treats you well. Looking forward to reading about the changing times. 🙂

  8. Ditto Chandini. I just spent time in a workshop in benares recently where i made my first ever vision board- it was cleanising, therapeutic and such an overall relief! I had been mulling over a post centred around it too and you got to it first 😉
    I will still be putting it down but kudos to you for capturing your state of mind (so many of us are in this) and being brave about putting it down.
    I have been in a transition mode this year too and never thought I would read it to realise it – cheers to your post!
    And love the look of your blog- Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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