Highs , Lows & Two Weeks of #ThisAndDoingNothing

It’s been TWO weeks of taking time to slow down and soak in the joy of small things. Also getting my act together in the Third dimension and beyond by reading, writing , planning and just being.


Since September 1 there is #ThisAndDoingNothing and that calls for ..A list !!

Cue in the awwws as here’s the long and short of everything I did that I’d never done before or perhaps in the longest time over the last 14 Days!

  • Get on top of the 18th floor of our building with my 4 year old monkey and take in a panoramic view . The most liberating moment of the last 2 weeks for me.


  • Have Chai with my mumma at 4 pm on a weekday and talk about what I want to and don’t want to do in life *and get loads of ‘solicited advice’*
  • Discover a gorgeous kiddie’s corner inside our building complex . We shifted here in June and there are still new things left to be covered. Thank goodness for that!
  • Get those long forgotten shoes out of the shoe cabinet and take them out on a morning walk. Happened once , needs to happen more regularly but it’s a start!
  • Have a relaxed cup of chai every morning . Trust me THAT had not happened in centuries and I cant believe I survived so long on the lifestyle I had created for myself [ minus the morning chai]
  • Discovered some interesting bloggersSunjhini , Mayuri , Nisha are added to the long list of people I adore in the online world . Thank you BlogChatter and MyFriendAlexa .
  • As My Alexa Rank grew from a nothing to 2,024,227 , I also thought through ‘Why I blog‘ – for the comfort or the conversations or the kick? The answer is – For the inspiring conversations 🙂

Phew..That sure did pack a punch right?

But that was last 2 weeks and now that I am somewhat rested and rejuvenated , am working out the plan for the next 15 days .

That involves – A weekend get away to Jaipur , a much delayed and long pending meet up with Shinjini and Shalini , working on my #MojoContent [ oh yeah!] and yup lining up those meetings to figure out what next after the 3 months are over coz I am getting used to this way of life and to sustain the ‘doing nothing’ one needs to start planning the ‘doing something’.

Keep watching this space for more and even if you don’t, my updates would be all over your twitter timeline , Instagram feed and incase you plan to subscribe to my blog [which you should coz am giving away my first ebook to you if you do ] then also in your mailbox. Pesky are we? *wink wink*

For a girl whose doing nothing , I seem to be doing an awful lot – so am told . How’s your last 14 days been like .. talk to me ?

I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with Blogchatter .

Read more about #ThisAndDoingNothing series .. here , here , here and here 🙂

24 thoughts on “Highs , Lows & Two Weeks of #ThisAndDoingNothing

  1. Wow
    That shot came out good and you went by lift :p or steps ?
    Morning walk – Good going .
    Talk with mom – and getting advise , another wow.
    And exploring blogging superb !

  2. Awesome Dudette- seems a looooong list of stuff not been done for a very long time. The tea cup in the morning is my one ritual since past donkey years now – I cant do without it and am like a bear with a sore head if it doesnt happen – its my best ME time. So dont give it up – go on long ME conversations too at that hour – its very liberating; ofcourse helps that I live alone – otherwise DUH!!!!

    I am eagerly awaiting our meetup – check up this thing I tagge you on twitter- it s an event on literature; went for it last year and blogged about it too – happens at the spanish cultural centre in CP -do have a look and register soonest!!!

  3. Liked you list of ‘doing nothing’. If I had to list mine, it would be doing late nights to read up on all posts in the #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Getting back to fitness. Travelling to Pune to meet my newborn niece. Tending to sick kids (mine)! Lots and lots of stuff!!

    1. Hey Congratulations – great to know about the your niece .. hope you get to meet her and too bad to know about your kid! amazing how kids can be a source of every possible extreme emotion- joy , distress , frustration 🙂 I need an entire month to read through every one so I guess you are doing a way better job than me!!

  4. Great stuff! I have been in your shoes of doing nothing and you are on the right track of carefully internalizing and understanding what you really want to do and then planning it out! I am there with you all the way on this journey, hoping to learn a few things as well! Love!

  5. I suddenly realised that I need to look at my life more closely and live in the moment. You have written such a beautiful post! Living every moment in life is so so so important. I also realised, I havent had a relaxed cup of tea with my mum for a very long time…Thank you !
    Do visit my blog when you get the time, I would be happy to know what you think about the stuff there.

  6. What I wouldn’t do for a cup a tea with my mom. Congratz on your Alexa ranking. You made an awesome progress. Don’t forget to share pictures when you meet the lovely bloggers 🙂

    1. If it makes any difference .. we stay in the same city and yet catching up over tea is a once in a while occurrence .
      And I would surely be updating pics when I meet up other bloggers as it just might be what I am looking for to close september with a bang. What amazing travels are planned at your end?

  7. Wow! That’s a pretty interesting list you mentioned here. 🙂 Getting on top of the building to capture the serene view seems the most interesting one to me 🙂 And other points of the list too. 🙂

  8. It was really productive on life front. I would love to break out and join Kathak classes. Cup of chai with your Mother made me jealous- Someday, I am planning to take a day off doing nothing but to chit chat with my Mother , listen to her patiently without poking in.

  9. Yes yes yes….for a girl who’s supposed to be doing nothing, you do too much…a lot in your head I would say! How about a Vipasana session? I am told it is one of the best ways to rejuvenate! Chill max, enjoy these precious moments and keep us updated. Awaiting your moj0-jojo 😉

  10. It’s a beautiful post 🙂 oops i always think for morning walk but always skip 😉 …. blogging make me refreshed I can’t write if not in mood to write …just to write I can’t write 🙂

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