Three Small Steps & One Giant Stride #MyFriendAlexa

With an end of the #Brangelina Era and girls ruling the Emmys and so much more , last one week has been eventful to say the least . But life this side wasn’t any dull either.  Continuing with last week’s list of ‘Doing the new’ , here are my recent accomplishments. Yay to me.

Relearnt how I am my best company:

Not that I don’t have this long [ and growing] list of people I have to catch up with , I am spending an enormous time alone and its literally therapeutic . Highlight of the last week in this section ? I watched Pink the film, alone – Popcorn , Coffee , tissues , the works .  I would be able to share the experience with you as soon as I complete my unfinished post ‘Pink is the new Black’ . So hang in there .


Looking at the world with brand new eyes:

I downloaded Prisma . To say that it changes your world view completely is an understatement. A fresh bout of home decor pics and general madness shall soon ensue. You have been warned.


The Butterfly Effect is set in motion:

A published author [that flaunts a blue tick on twitter] posted yet another irksome tweet . It could’ve been a great counter publicity move for ‘Pink The Film’ but it did seem to come from a genuinely confused space inside her head. I tried to react to it like I mostly do by taking my age old stance – let’s not harm the cause of feminism just coz you don’t seem to get it. But something went off in my head and I finally wrote the first [of perhaps many] posts on Feminism .

The story doesn’t end there , infact it has just begun . For the first time ever I was BLOCKED , while I was quietly going about my life , just expressing my views [ and not even quoting people in question .. do you realize that I am still NOT!] .

The bottomline is , as we speak – The Feminism Triangle is the most read post on my blog and am proud I didn’t resort to shameless self promotions for it as  ‘a sly open letter’ .

In other news, I also completed 9 years of existence in the blogosphere . Crazy huh? I did plan a post around it. But I am going to have a significant year ahead and rather do a fabulous 10th year blog post. What say?


So wrapping up the week 3 and stepping into the last leg of MyFriendAlexa campaign , I can see how much I’ve gained as a blogger. My definition of content & connections has further changed and my Alexa rank has dropped to 7,59,933. What are your plans as the countdown to October begins?

I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter, linking the post here.

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35 thoughts on “Three Small Steps & One Giant Stride #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Such a beautiful post Chandni.. Alexa rank has taken blogging to new heights altogether. And sure the 10th Anniversary post sounds like a lot of excitement! Congratulations on completing full 9 years. The decor looks really classy! October is sure gonna be a rocking month!


    1. Thanks Geet.. So much has happened since 2016 began. New home , getting burnt out and now taking this break .. Little milestones like being around for 9 years almost went un-noticed. Thanks for being around..

  2. Chandni, you know what I am going to say, but then again I will say it for the benefit of those who read you 😉 . You totally rock,with all the awesomeness in the way you handled everything. Congrats on 9 Years! That makes you a veteran btw, just saying 🙂 I haven’t really liked the Prisma app though! I deleted it off my phone.

    Looking forward to more awesome from you.

  3. I still say a Year 9 post is warranted 🙂
    It is a huge deal. You’ve been writing for 9 years. less than 3-4% of the Indian blogosphere can claim that consistency.

  4. Yayy and many cheers to #ThisAndDoingNothing! You say it best when you say nothin’ at all! What say?! And you’ve been around 9 yrs? Whew, totally pro man! You are a true rockstar, love ya!

    1. I look at people so dedicated , committed, curious and creative when it comes to blogging in the real sense and i feel there is so much to learn and do .. so here’s to the next 9 years 🙂
      Prisma is a latest fad .. am sure sooner or later it shall go too

  5. 9 years is a long time, I guess i am blogging from a long time too but wasnt that active. This Octiber i plan to start Tech posts on my blog. Maybe i need to track like you what i did in a month

    1. Wow .. 9 years does seem like a long time now that EVERYONE is pointing that out 🙂
      Doing interesting new things is exciting so go ahead have fun with those tech posts. but dont get too carried away with my monthly tracking.. for the first time i have this kind of time as i am on a temp break from work ..

    1. Oh I love you for saying that !! I Love people who love my posts and say that out loud – wink wink!!
      Pink was such a well timed movie. a movie that needed to be made. will surely blog about it soon

      1. Cannot comment, some issues with the jetpack of yours ..
        9 wonderful years of blogging, this can be seen in your posts.
        The creation and maturity of words .

        And prisma 😀 I really like the app for clicking books.

        I am my own company is a motivation

  6. I have done tons of things alone – watched Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows 2 alone, Bang Bang alone, Hurt Locker alone, went on shopping trips alone, have had lunches in good restaurants alone – I seriously can’t wait for people to make plan or accompany. When no ones there you are the best company to self!

    1. You have ? Hmm.. I have too . But not since I got married and especially not since I became a mommy. As a single , alone used to be super fun!
      But as a blogger — we all need company no?

    1. Thanks Saumya.. wasnt focussing on either of those so far. and honestly they arent as imp as discovering some interesting people and kick starting some conversations 🙂 Thanks so much!

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