Day1 #100HappyDays : Sweet Beginnings

Happiness isn’t by chance , it’s by choice .

I wrote these words in Jan week1 as I put together my 2016 resolutions and a vision board .

I see myself taking positive steps towards a clearer head and a happier state of mind yet something felt incomplete .

Yesterday , feeling a little disillusioned (yet again ) with an experience ( yet again) I came across Shalini ‘s post and a bulb went off in my head . Living the moment , relishing the little joys , being happy ‘right now’ – that takes effort and constant self reminders because you can’t leave that super critical job in the hands of others .

#100HappyDays is all about taking charge in the ‘finding happiness right now ‘ journey.¬†Explore happiness through my eyes one day , one picture at a time & what better way to kick start than watch a RomCom (Valentines Day) with some chocofudge sundae on a Friday evening .

Yum? Hmm. So Let the good times begin.

Life’s too short , eat the dessert first

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