imageToday has been all kinds of wonderful . I had so many fabulous things to blog about as Happy moments of the day that I had to pick and choose . From one of my favourite bloggers Maggie who blogs here signing up for the daily blogging challenge all through October (yay!) to averting some serious debates on why ‘lets go to war ‘ with Pakistan isn’t that kick ass as an idea with some random strangers and some  wise acquaintance.

I just muted everyone who went ‘Bharat mata Ki jai’ in response to the #SurgicalStrike news on PoK terror camps. Sound of silence is much better than all that unnecessary noise !

There were these amazing brainstorming chats with some bloggers on themes . Something I just truly love doing and I think if not a blogger I can be a blogging consultant someday .

But amidst all that song and dance was the lunch I had at a South Indian cart in our office complex today with the sound of flowing water as company . I kept my phone away and drowned into my thoughts over some multigrain dosa and coffee ( it was international coffee day today folks).

Sigh.  Did you know that flowing water has a calming effect ?

In a day full of chatter , debates , agreements and disagreements…calm is good . Calm is balanced and Calm does sound like music to my ears .

What was the most amazing sound you heard today ?

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Day7 #100HappyDays Sound of Music
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2 thoughts on “Day7 #100HappyDays Sound of Music

  • September 29, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Multi grain dosa? Never heard about that before!

    Talking about music, I heard quite a few songs today on the radio. For the first time, I heard something more than just the advertisements! Also, another noise I’m hearing right now is the TV!
    Congratulations on completing a week of the daily posting! ?

  • October 8, 2016 at 9:51 am

    Surgical strike ???
    It became so viral that I stopped tweeting ..duhh.
    That fountains ! ❤


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