Day8 #100HappyDays Getting Crafty

imageBaby A and me got a little crafty today and you know how one thing leads to another.

I was so inspired by Shalini’s fabulous tracker for DailyChatter , I wanted to create one too. That’s when our creative forces combined in putting together a simple tracker for the month long daily blogging with #BlogChatter.

I like the way it covers

  1. Goals : Alexa Rank <3L,Meet new bloggers,Read and share min 4 posts daily.
  2. Tracking Posting pattern : Simple checks, nothing fancy.
  3. Closure Stats with basic counts of
    1. Posts ,
    3. Page views ,
    4. Alexa Rank

The 01st Oct Stats would be post it notes & so would be interim updates. So no scribbling . No mess. No maintaining 31 pages !

The theme I’d be following would be #100HappyDays. See how that worked out right? Aint I crafty?

Are you with me on this journey for the next 31 days? Say YES if you’d like to see that cute ‘Happy Feet’ Penguin do a Happy Dance. ‘fess up this makes you happy too… yeah? so leave me a note 🙂

Click here to join me on my #100HappyDays journey .

4 thoughts on “Day8 #100HappyDays Getting Crafty

  1. I was typing a comment yday and my phone got switched off. Low battery!
    Thank you for the mention, dear Chandni. But I like yours more. Simple and with important points to note down. I love the penguin which you and your lil’ one made. And I’m so ready for the Happy Feet dance ?

  2. I am very bad at scheduling, think I have told this to you many times now, but still I have made the MyFriendAlexa campaign..thanks to the ideas you gave me in the beginning!
    Such a cute penguin! this kind of quality time spent with children actually shapes their future..I still remember some conversations I had with my dad when I was very young! children cherish such moments!
    Menaka Bharathi has recently published <

    1. I am so happy that our conversation helped you take a more confident step towards what YOU wanted to do and eventually it all worked out well and made you happy!
      Thanks for being a supportive co blogger during the campaign SIM .. we have a long way to go 🙂

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