Wrapping up #MyFriendAlexa on a high

Life has come full circle this September  for My blog and me .

We started off with some very shaky steps. Not sure how the recent move to a self hosted domain would work for us . Didn’t have a theme we loved. Didn’t know what were we going to blog about since we made this first time ever transition from ‘working non stop’ to ‘Doing nothing’.

And then magic happened.

We have gone through our learning curve , tried our hand at stuff and yet some more and we blogged our heart out about #ThisAndDoingNothing . We grew up into completely different versions of ourself , in just one month.

From standing nowhere [ literally my Alexa rank wasn’t reflecting on Sep1] to 5,77,002 as I type this  556807 as on 30th Oct averaging 50 page views per day over the month & 5 times that number on my best day – #MyFriendAlexa was one of those friends who gave selflessly and didn’t keep a score of how much you were giving back.

Almost like a dream with in a dream , I have been writing about my journey week after week as we moved to one milestone to another. In these posts I’ve mentioned learning , experiences and new people & concepts I’ve stumbled upon [ pun intended]

  1. Get set Go
  2. What Do you do when you have nothing to do?
  3. Of Really Long Weekends
  4. How are you feeling?
  5. High , Lows & Two weeks of #ThisAndDoingNothing
  6. The Feminism Triangle
  7. Three Small Steps & One Giant Stride
  8. Wrapping it up with the post that you are reading [Gotcha!]

Reading regularly is still an area that needs major thrust , commenting yet some more. But I am a far cry from what I was before the campaign started. #MyFriendAlexa has made life richer over the last 4 weeks in 4 fabulous ways.

  1. Finding my mojo [err Kind of?] I am clearer about the kind of content that appeals to me and the kind of writing I wish to pursue.
  2. Discovering some more interesting people and exploring their thoughts, views and lives one post , one conversation at a time
  3. I am now more confident wrt content and connections – best of 1 & 2.
  4. Learning yet some more hacks – StumbleUpon , becoming more active of Insta and trying my hand on GA.

But like all good things come to end only for the better things to begin . #MyFriendAlexa seamlessly merges now into #DailyChatter which entails blogging all through October & I am thrilled to bits .

I am already pursuing  #100HappyDays , a Daily blogging journey till 2016 makes way for 2017 , so October is going to be a mix of vibrant pictures and lucid moments .

Over to you , my friend .What has been your single most significant learning via #MyFriendAlexa and what are your plans for October?




I am taking blogging to the next level with BlogChatter & MyFriendAlexa , linking up my post here.

7 thoughts on “Wrapping up #MyFriendAlexa on a high

  1. Yes. It was one he’ll of a journey with you all this September. Learnt a lot, but had fun too. I’m glad that you had an incredible growth in terms of Alexa rank. I learnt that the more you engage and read others blogs, the more you are loved. ?
    I’m planning to take up the #DailyChatter challenge starting today. Fingers crossed.
    Cheers, dear Chandni.

  2. I started with your blog to give my ‘Reading more blogs’ in 2017, a boost! Hope all your boxes in your wish list is tucked in this year.& .May you have loads of Goosebumps this 2017, too 🙂

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