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So guess what popped up on my Facebook memories . This !



Honestly by the time this happened I had stopped really really looking for a happy moment to blog about yesterday. Just the fact that on a Monday you are home , doing nothing [but the same old routine] , spending time with the kid . It’s all very comforting but it’s not worth blogging about .

But this memory took me back to that moment last year when I had no clue at all of what’s in store & that brought me so much joy , words can’t really capture.

So the Happy Moment did happen , I guess it’s all about keeping the faith. Keeping faith then, keeping faith yesterday and hanging in there . Coz sometimes if you wait just a bit longer things do turn out pretty okay .

In the evening we went for a religious function that our neighbors had organized . I’ve seen people losing themselves in search of God or whatever their faith directs them to. They’d go in a trance , they feel liberated or generally happy when they are singing those bhajans or dancing with gay abandon .

I’ve never understood this overly display of devotion. Faith to me is a very personal thing. I don’t want to make a spectacle of what I believe in and my special connection with whatever that’s giving me strength . Currently it’s not God or that higher force. I have become a spiritual person , a believer in good karma & drawing strength from one’s own thoughts and actions. But having said that I do not go around explaining and justifying my belief in certain ideologies and question other’s choices .



As I saw the decorated statues shining under bright light with a hall full of people intently looking at them hoping for some kind of magic  , that moment happened . That realization when you actually understand that you are differently structured than most . They may not understand your beliefs as their own faith in something else is more over powering because they are conditioned to experience most things – happiness , faith , joy or achievement in a certain manner.  But that’s okay because like I said faith is personal and I am content keeping my private thoughts private .

It’s the Navratri time and perhaps this contemplation on one’s religious and spiritual belief is quite opportune . So I leave you with a question .

What drives your faith ? What does it mean to you ?

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7 thoughts on “D11 Keep the Faith #DailyChatter #100HappyDays

  1. I loved the image- its come out so surreal and divine – great work there Chandni.
    Faith is very important and it comes to all of us in unique shapes and thoughts – loved your perspective on it

  2. Faith is something that I believe must come from within, can’t impose it, but yes, it does matter if you have a background or an upbringing with strong values behind you. Your Prisma effect looks WOW!! I haven’t really tried much out on Prisma but this is tempting me to!

  3. Faith is all about belief and something which is not visible to us but its there in our hearts, its not about showing off or blindly following something. It is heartfelt 🙂

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