Day 14 Owning it #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

If you are a part of Blogchatter and there is 99.99% chance that you are.  Also as much chance that you were a part of #MyFriendAlexa or have already followed my journey to bring down my Global Alexa rank from NA to 5.35 L by September exit , then I guess you already know what this post is about.

As the month-long campaign that helped me make reading , commenting , sharing a habit concluded , I was thrilled to know that my blog marked the steepest drop .

So no prize for guessing what’s my Day14 post for #100HappyDays is all about. Here goes *Drum Rolls* and *applause* !



Its been 2 weeks of being mindful , being present , being aware and making note of the little droplets of joy that often escape us coz we are too busy in getting through the day. Talking about Mindful , in addition to the #UBC am super delighted to be also a part of Shinjini’s [ who blogs at Modern Gypsy ] Mindful Break starting 10th Oct. Infact this entire chain of thought is the spirit behind her campaign and am all for it!

Daily Blogging combined with One Happy moment every day captured in a frame .

Talk about Power of Three!

To know more about #TheMindfulBreak hop across here and sign up, I Say!

To read more about my #MyFriendAlexa journey , Click here.

And even if you don’t end up clicking any of the above two – which is totally cool , please take a minute to answer this question for yourself.

What gives you complete and total happiness? Great , hold that thought. Have you done that one act , taken that one step today? Yesterday? In this entire month ? Hmm. Perhaps , you should think about starting right away because its never too late to take charge of your own happiness right?

So go ahead. Own it and own it like a boss.

Linking my Day6 #DailyChatter post here as I take by blog to the next level with #BlogChatter and #UBC all through October.

Click here to join me on my #100HappyDays journey .

5 thoughts on “Day 14 Owning it #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

  1. Yes I’m owning it. I’ve started small, and I hope it grows bigger and better. Blogging. 🙂 Such therapy. Such happiness. Congratulations on #MyFriendAlexa. You deserve this and much more. Blogchatter friends in Delhi should catch up sometime, you know.

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