Weekends that hold the promise of family dinners followed by relaxing getaways can only be called a feast of senses . Day 0 of this amazing weekend that I am in the middle of that refuses to end right till Tuesday night , was kick started with a photo shoot over some Kadak chai.

As Blogchatter celebrated speaking ‘what’s on your heart ‘ the traditional way , putting together these entries came close to my state of mind

There’s celebration on mind , creativity and colour , ideas under construction and travel plans in making .

A little late to ask , but I’ll go ahead and do it anyways , what was on your mind this weekend ?

Linking my Day8 #DailyChatter post here as I take by blog to the next level with #BlogChatter and #UBC all through October.

Click here to join me on my #100HappyDays journey .

Day 16 Mind Speak #100HappyDays #DailyChatter
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