Day 19 Sum of parts #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

The Last day of our holiday had the makings of a yash raj movie. Long drives , beautiful views & the feel good factor of ‘not going to work the next day’

On my way back in the plane , I picked up the Kindle and went through a collection of quotes. This one for some strange reason stuck with me.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with
– Jim Rohn.
Now , I have no idea who this guy is but am sure he’s pretty smart for putting down so simply something so layered. Definitely has a better ring to it that ‘You are defined by the company you keep’.
Needless to say , we choose the people we surround ourselves with and that defines our attitude , our thoughts and effect our actions. You are the sum of the many parts they add to you .
But here’s my take on the quote.
What if you are alone? Something I feel is absolutely necessary once in a while. Just like company , I always choose solitude. Because that tilts the average to the ‘whole of me’.  See , how that adds up?
Take a look at this picture & tell me would you prefer company or would you rather be alone here . Am all ears.


Linking my Day11 #DailyChatter post here as I take by blog to the next level with #BlogChatter and #UBC all through October. I am also onboard with Shinjini on #TheMindfulBreak for the rest of the October. Are you?

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4 thoughts on “Day 19 Sum of parts #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

  1. As much as I love my me-time and solitude, there are some moments I need someone besides. At a beautiful place like this, I would definitely like to be with my partner or some friends. 🙂 But if no one else is there, I would be reading in a corner somewhere! 🙂

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