Day 23 Light up #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

So the Diwali safai started off day before  and yesterday I got myself some gorgeous Diyas from Dilli Haat to mark the beginning of Diwali Shopping . But does the festivity truly kick in till we have a formal card party ? Nope . Not in the world that I’ve stepped in since I got married .
For years now , Diwali parties have been a regular affair . We have attended a few and I’ve played the host to many others . But this time as we plan the social calendar for the next week to have the first set of Diwali parties at our new home  & am just so thrilled . There would music , happiness , good food and great vibes and yes there will be light .

Catch a glimpse of the first party of the season that we are attending today .. Definitely inspired the post and a series of Instagram updates and has set the mood for the party am planning a week from now at our place ..


Whats your Diwali must dos ? Do you have parties and get togethers planned ? Pls share hacks .. Need them 🙂


Linking my Day15 #DailyChatter post here as I take my blog to the next level with #BlogChatter and #UBC all through October. I am also onboard with Shinjini on #TheMindfulBreak for the rest of the October. Are you?

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8 thoughts on “Day 23 Light up #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

  1. Those colours look absolutely gorgeous and very festive. I really need to get out there and shop some. I can’t play cards to save my life so that’s a no no. We haven’t even begin thinking about Diwali just yet – stuck with the kids’ exams!

    1. Honestly — i cant play , rather dont play cards. But I love the festive vibes and I am just soaking them all in 🙂 all the best for the kids ka exams .. soon I would be joining you on the same boat till then i would float around in my bubble..

    1. Blame the over enthusiasm coz its our very first diwali in the new home. Everything is happening for the first time for us .. thats why special . First card party , first rangoli and decor , first time diya and toral shopping .. mannnn i am excited!!

  2. oh the colors in the pictures… your diwali is going to be beautiful!! I got some diyas from last year which I will light and make some besan k laddu … that’s all about my Diwali celebration 🙂

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