Day 26 Shopoholic Me #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

Last Tuesday , Mommy and me went shopping and how.  The home improvement [ setting up actually ] process refuses to end . We moved into our new home in June and over the last few months it’s slowly turning into a set of walls with furniture into the home of my dreams , one beautiful nook , one stunning piece of decor at a time.

Yet , when you look around the walls and corners looked super boring . It’s quite inconvenient to have very specific ideas about what you want where. Thankfully , there’s mommy and there’s chutti and so we went for a mad dash across the city and proved to all those cynics that argue money doesn’t buy you happiness , completely wrong.

Money bought me loads of happiness – with dainty cushions , unique decor elements , candle stands and greens adding that much needed zing to the wood and concrete .

Doesn’t the do up look ravishing!!



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