Day 27 Fasten Up #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

Last Wednesday was Karva Chauth.

The one day when as per many many articles [ like this one] the tables turn and women expect the world from men. Ofcourse the caveat being – they stay without food and water till the moon rise. You may want to read this article here that makes the whole idea sound exactly how silly it is but then there are people like me who don’t do it to please the mother in law , don’t do it for the gifts , don’t attend fancy #RegressiveMadeSexy parties [ if you haven’t heard of these , please google it and thank me after you’ve had a good laugh]. We keep this fast like we do almost everything in life. Because we want to. We choose to.

Was discussing with my online friends [ who strangely don’t seem strangers anymore ] Richa , Shinjini and Kala – why we keep Karva Chauth in today’s times and age. I am sure by the time my son grows up and if he gets married at all – my future daughter in law would like laugh at my face and tell me to chill if I so much as inquire about her views . So why do I keep it?

It’s optional for me .At least that’s what I think. But then there are so many things that are now optional in relationships. Especially when it comes to marriage – the whole idea of being married is optional today – so why fast for someone and make them seem like the more superior person in a relationship that ideally constitutes two equals? I liked Mayuri’s reasoning.

Mine is pretty simple. When almost everything is optional , I’d like to keep some things intact. That’s my way of honoring the commitment year on year.  Strange as it may sound.

And trust me the dressing up and mirror selfies – they are so worth it . Don’t you think so?


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