Day 28 Take 5 #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

Some days you just want to delete from your memory . For me Last Thursday was one such day.

A day when one wants to cut oneself off from all human contact , get into ones shell to never come out and face the world again.

A major meltdown , some serious re thinking options and taking some time to go weak to shed the ‘strong woman’ armour we wear .

Writing a post about happy days on such a rough day when one felt weak and humiliated to the core doesn’t come naturally . In fact you wonder about the whole idea of daily ‘happy days ‘ blogging Being quite worthless  . It seems fake coz it’s not how you feel.

So you take a break. You draw a blank . You take 5 . Coz even the strongest of our kinda need some rest to come back stronger and kick ass !


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