Day 29 Playing Host #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

We hosted our first Diwali party last Friday . The one I’ve been going on and on about . Yes the same !

While people ate and drank and left happy with the way we played host , exhausted as I was  , I slept content .

Everything was perfect and I didn’t let myself down 🙂

The decor , the platters laid with delicious snacks , the brand new crockery and cutlery and the trademark ‘Moudgil’ hospitality . I could take it forward and in style .

I did plan to click loads of before and after pictures but I guess we’ll need to host another super get together for that .. This one kept me on my toes till 3 am and I could manage only one picture before over 20 odd people took over my life that fine Friday evening .

how was the last weekend for you?


13 thoughts on “Day 29 Playing Host #100HappyDays #DailyChatter

  1. If you couldn’t click pictures it’s perfectly fine.Because that means you were very busy making your guests happy and comfortable. Just tell us what you fed them?.Party food are lots of fun.I had a great weekend too.
    Thanks for sharing .

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