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Discovering BulletJournaling #MicroBlogMondays

You know how you love something and it grows on you and then you discover that it has a name and an entire tribe who feels exactly like you do ?

That’sΒ pretty much I’d describe the last few days . Β I’ve been drooling over the vibrant pictures of journal entries across Instagram and Twitter only to realise that I have been making some for myself ever since those kind folks at Rangroute sent across this gorgeous set of stationary .


What started off as a fun way to document my blogging goals and journey during last few campaigns like #MyFriendAlexa Soon turned into Β a fetish.

I was making journal entries for Party Planning..



For kick starting blogging projects



Or just like that ..


A fetish that I’ve discovered is now a rage on platforms such as Instagram and like all things wonderful has a very apt name #BulletJournal.

Described as the analog way of expression , via pen & paper in a digital age , it’s an organiser , a task manager & tracker all rolled into one .

It’s about getting stuff done but having fun as you plan it and track it . We all know how easy it is to quit on stuff that look boring and seem tedious , at least when there’s a dash of colour our attention span would be longer no?

So with that in mind I kicked started my planning for November .

September was wonderful with Alexa really working For me . But in October I realised I ran out of steam mid way. So for this month I knew I needed constant reminders of my goals and an overall blogging strategy wrt projects and priorities .


And rest they say is Instagram history . If you are following Blogchatter on Instagram you probably would have seen the behind the scene action on putting together my Bullet Journal for november . Here it is!!



From strategic short term goals to an operational breakdown of Β a blogging content calendar I have it all planned . I also plan to make note of the high points ( of my blogging life and otherwise ) as notes for perhaps my very first Gratitude post . Maybe just maybe after more than a year of contemplation THAT would finally happen!


Although bullet journal wakes up the artist in you . At the end of it all its about getting things done which is a science.


And considering that this was a #MicroblogMonday post that got out of hand I’d be saving the deets of that for tomorrow .

Do you bullet journal ? Has my post got your Inspired ? Tell pls.

13 thoughts on “Discovering BulletJournaling #MicroBlogMondays

  1. Applause, bullet journal artist!
    Really, I wish I had the ability to write neatly on such a pristine looking journal. Making the #Blogtrotter poster tested my abilities to their limits πŸ˜€

    It’s wonderful that you’ve found this creative way to express yourself. I expect to see some flash fiction plot ideas blooming on these pages too πŸ˜‰
    Mithila Menezes recently posted…The Co(r)ns of Cooking TutorialsMy Profile

  2. Lovely photos, Chandni! I received a mini journal from Rangroute and that got me excited to begin #BulletJournaling. Will start soon for plotting and blogging πŸ™‚

  3. DAyummm! That is quite some fancy bit of planning πŸ™‚
    I think you should have been the first person to receive a Rangroute care package ! πŸ™‚
    I have my own strange affinity towards stationery items – but I only collect them. Hoard them, would be the actual word here.

    Must start using them too
    Sid recently posted…Begin AgainMy Profile

  4. Chandni your bullet journal has given me a purpose to make use of otherwise lying stationary. When writing is also done on laptops so that it can instantly posted I really use to feel bad for my diaries and colours. But all thanks to you.

  5. Your bullet journal is so vibrant & impressive. I’ve never tried it , but will do it soon , hope come across the same positive vibes like i feel after reading this post

  6. Hey Chandni! I had heard of bullet journalling before but never really took the time to look into it until I read this post of yours. Now I am really excited about incorporating this into my planner and to do list. It does add the fun element to it and makes it more organised and engaging. But I think there is one trap there of getting caught up with the decorations and details especially if you are the creative art lover kind. That way the only thing we might have at the end of the week/month is a very beautiful looking diary to be put on a small wooden shelf.

    1. You are so right OJ and I wanted to actually do a series on BJ and I got into that whole trap of making pretty little notes and entries and not really following it in the right spirit.
      I did though followed it through alexa campaign that those BCR folks ran and I got good results. do share your experiences of it ..

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