No matter how many times I say this to myself , just can’t get over it. 2016 just zipped by!

I remember typing out my New Year Resolutions post sitting on my mommy’s couch on 31st December. It was an ambitious plan partly coz New year was around and there’s something in the air that nudges you to take charge of your life [ yet again] . Partly coz I had recently discovered BlogChatter and was hell bent on making 2016 a smash hit year blogging wise and beyond.

Interestingly , 2016 somehow in my head was going to be about a lot of things , but especially about blogging.  I can now confidently say , 2017 is headed the same way.

My VisionBoard 2016 worked like magic and I could [other than getting physically healthier] manage almost all planned goals. Since all that I achieved in 2016 merits a standalone post , I would be paying a fitting tribute to 2016 soon.

But this year , I’ll be taking the planning to the next level. My Visionboard for 2017 would be  focused on the outcome than the intention. Also my goals would be specific with measures.

Before I get into the detailing , here are my larger Blogging Goals that thanks to Blogchatter and my brand new Blogbuddies , the BlogTrotters don’t seem tough to achieve at all.

Sounds smashing ? Oh yeah! 2017 is going to be the YearOfMe .

If you can feel that in your bones , share your 2017 plans with me ?


This post was written for BlogChatter .

I am a part of a fantastic Blogbuddy team called #BlogTrotters .


Blogging Goals 2017
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