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I Wish I Were

I Wish I were ..In a movie.

I’ve felt that lately. When I watched more than my share of movies during my 3 month break & more so when I’ve joined back work , quite understandably .

But particularly , I felt that yesterday as I literally day dreamt myself to work , running late coz my alarm clock played a trick on me praying to the Gods of ‘good career options’ to shower a little love on me too.

I wondered as I went past hundreds of day dreamers stuck inside their box about the out of box career options those gorgeous women happen to have  in movies. You know when they essentially look great and kick ass [ literally or other wise ] .

Women in contemporary cinema lately have been giving me major alternate career goals . wouldn’t you want to be a cinematographer like Kaira in Dear Zindagi  ? I mean cmon – she travels to fancy places , is surrounded by beautiful people and gets to literally create stories day in day out . Come to think of it , it’s only when she was ‘at work’ shooting for an ad campaign does she run into our favourite dimag ka doctor ever . Talk about occupational gains !



If it weren’t for that little stroke of luck in Kiara’s life , I would most definitely love to take up whatever it is that kept Alizeh in Ae dil hai mushkil going. I mean , she definitely had a lot of flexibility because she was hardly ever ‘at work’ – day shifts and night shifts included. She looks like a million bucks and I don’t suppose she has a rich daddy taking care of all her clubbing and Bollywood classes and dining at fancy places bills. Half way into the movie I was convinced that she was a secret service spy with an all access card to anywhere and everywhere . I mean other than Mr Bond I’ve hardly seen things falling in place for anyone that easy . Have you?


So if you happen to really understand what it is that she ‘did for a living’ other than have fun please do let me know , it’s right now on top of my wish list. But till I figure that out , perhaps I’d be Akira in Jab Tak Hai Jaan . Work with discovery channel in London , pick up my own assignments that require me to wear those cutsie outfits , camp around with well you know who [ahem ahem ] and essentially look really cool doing all that . Some girls definitely have all the luck especially when it comes to dreams jobs in movies.


But if I could just relook at the professional track I’ve pursued , now that I’ve experienced the life of Laila in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara that essentially involves hopping from one continent to another deep see diving , bike riding , playing a guide , do fancy stuff cause life is for the living and sound like the sanest and happiest person ever saying cool stuff like this ..



Sigh. Unfortunately though , how much ever I day dream , I finally have to come back to reality – which involves being stuck inside a metallic box and make my way to work every single day for the sake of my actual career .  How ironic is that?

Those were the women choosing alternate career paths in movies that are on the top of my charts err wishlist. And don’t get me started on the choices that Tamasha and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani has been throwing open for men in the movies. That’s going to be a big list and you and I have to get back to work so let’s wind this dreamy post up with a question .

Which movie inspired alternate career path would you take up if you had a choice?

pic sources : Akira , Alizeh , Kaira , Laila

This post was written for BlogChatter weekly prompt ‘If I were’ linked here.

13 thoughts on “I Wish I Were

  1. Oh I would love to be one of these too but no regrets as I am doing what I love. I love dancing and writing so here I am a choreographer and a blogger. But you are right..these movies show something which is far from reality as it’s not as easy as it looks. We all wish for what we are not and want to do everything which others are doing. 🙂
    deepagandhi recently posted…Do You Spend Enough Time With Your Kids?My Profile

  2. I have only seen Dear Zindagi and hence to that effect I can say I want to be Kaira 😛 Only for jehangir khan *obviously* 😛

  3. Ooh what a world of possibilities you’ve opened up here Chandani. I absolutely loved Kaira. And there are scores of others. How about becoming a personal stylist like Rachel from Friends (unfortunately I know nothing of fashion) or that of restoring old art like Deepika Padukone in Love Aaj Kal or a journalist with her own column like Konkona Sen in Wake up Sid (newbies never ever get their own columns in real life!), oh and how can I forget Sonam as a physiotherapist in Khoobsoorat. But then it happens only in the movies.

  4. i will relate myself to dreamy post of Akira of jab tak hai jaan ,thats so profound & free living , away from worries of life & do whatever i want to do , Btw very interting post & thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Well I love to be like Ranveer kapoor in yeh jawani hai diwani.. as I love to travel to places… and presently also I am doing it.. like him, I want to visit as much places as possible, not like Deepika when she said to him “jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch to chootega hi, isliye yahi, iss pal ka maza lete hai”… that’s why even if I get 2 day holiday like on weekend, I pack my bag, book a flight (even if expensive, suck my savings) and visit any perticular place.
    By doing this I have explored most of north east states 🙂
    Anshul Taran recently posted…That Happy Moment..My Profile

  6. Chandni I simply adore your posts when they are inspired by movies – this one is simply amazing and I totally “heart” your sentiment. I wish I could look kick ass and do even more kick assey stuff as a job! And yes the options that are being thrown around make me want to shake my parents and say to them, “see its not all about being a doc or engineer!!”
    Loved your writing – could relate so well to your sentiments.
    Cheers to being back at work and hope you are being Kick-Ass after your well deserved hiatus!! much love
    shalzmojo recently posted…I believe in Santa KlausMy Profile

    1. I’d picture you as Hermione but whatever you say. Tanu is a rockstar – the bike riding , the painting the town red and the badass attitude hmmm.. cool chic she was but perhaps she didn’t make it to the list coz this one was about ‘alternate professions ‘ 😉

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