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I woke up today morning with a need to define a word for myself.

2016 has been a transformational year for me. Every year is significant because there are 365 days of moments and memories packed . They may or may not be all good or bad but as long as you are healthy , capable & are taken care of, you find yourself hopeful about what’s in store.

Having said that , I am perhaps the most ungrateful person I know . Whatever I get , I always feel that it’s either after a lot of wait or effort. So instead of being thankful for all the good that happens , I end up feeling a mild sense of relief that it’s finally happened & quickly move on to the next task , next moment or chasing the next dream / want / desire.

Professionally , Personally and Blogging wise last year was quite eventful . There was definitely more good than things I’d like to get over. While my semi finished draft post would enlist all that made 2016 memorable & my VisionBoard would set the tone for 2017 but I still feel there needs to be one word for 2017.

Like a mantra I’ll say it out to myself every morning . Like a charm it would bring me what I seek . Like a shield it would define my attitude towards everything 2017 will bring along with it.

Embrace changes & see beyond them

Embrace Ideas & make the best of them.

Embrace the good , bad and the phase in between.

Embrace criticism & not let it sap my energy or passion .

Embrace happiness in what I have right now rather than chase some pot at the end of the rainbow.

Sometimes the questions you ask lead you to the answers you seek and as I spell out the intent the pieces fall in place.

I’ll be Embracing 2017 one day at a time Beginning Today.

Have you thought of the Word for 2017 for yourself?

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19 thoughts on “Beginning Today #BlogChatter #WOTY

  1. Love your word Chandni – mine I think is Gratitude – I discovered it sometime in this year after a lot of heartbreak and stuff. And dont stress honey- you are not the only one who thinks that things only come to me after a lot of heartburn and not easily – me is in the same boat and feel this all the time!! Hugs and cheers for 2017
    shalzmojo recently posted…I believe in Santa KlausMy Profile

  2. I think for me there is not one but few words for me beginning now. Embrace, forward, no looking back, gratitude and go with the flow. Going to 2017 with this motto in life as I strongly feel its important to be thankful for what you have to attract more things to be thankful for. 🙂

  3. It is good to have a word assigned to a year. It lets us focus on the positive aspects of our life. My word for 2017 is to engage – with myself and with the people around me. I lose focus more often than not and end up worrying about the future and the unknown . I have devided this plan to engage more in the present, be mindful and in the now to prevent that 🙂
    MALINY recently posted…Author Talk – Deepti MenonMy Profile

    1. Engage is a wonderful word Maliny! And I think you’ve made an awesome start by connecting with me here:)
      Have a great year ahead full of engaging conversations …

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