Embracing Facebook

Last Friday was a good day.

I got up feeling calm , excited even . I was ready to take the day head on , the happy hormones working overdrive. Nah haven’t started meditating , just the Friday Feeling kicking in. Honestly , all through my 3 month leave I didn’t value my Fridays as much as I do now that I’ve joined back . So much so that I navigated yet another ‘girls belong to the kitchen ‘ conversation without losing it. Pat on the back to the calmer me . Why so zen ? I was determined to have a good day.

And then it happened. The current affairs , if you may. Another girl assaulted , as a tribute perhaps to the 4th anniversary of that brutal night 4 years ago & then from there on the day just spiraled down . Demonetization is taking twisted turns and those heart wrenching Allepo updates were getting hard to ignore . I clung on to my Friday Feeling , trying to stay afloat against the tide . I googled Ellen videos , watched James Corden’s All I want for Christmas’ video compilation with Adele , Mariah , Selena Gomez & more and finally found my way to Meghan Markle’s UN speech from a year back.

While the lady was all grace and passion being the UN goodwill ambassador , the title of the video was ‘Prince Harry’s new girlfriend’. I internalized the implication of that a bit. The super achievers being still seen as someone famous’ arm candy? Not new at all. It’s either someone’s property or be seen as the bad girl . When it comes to women the labels are cut out for us nice and clean, You could ignore that or perhaps kick that attitude in the butt. Just like some really fabulous women did that in 2016. The video inspired a post that’s lined up next but let’s get back to Friday.

What I learnt  during the day is that Feminism is like the Friday Feeling. You need to hold on to it and not let other’s views alter your belief. What I also learnt about Fridays is that they take a lot of work to turn out the way they are , you state of mind and attitude is a bonus.

I guess , Fridays are also like Facebook. I know I am talking in circles  [and I L-O-V-E doing that]. Just as much as I love Fridays and passionately feel about the need for Feminism , I have despised Facebook . I find it pretentious and judgmental and I’ve had my heartbroken and hands burnt over some random status message replies. But just like Friday and Feminism , I guess navigating my way on Facebook needs work and an open mind to turn the whole story on its head to my liking.

So before I step in 2017 I am embracing Facebook . Opening a window err scratch that – a door from one dimension into another . Facebook , Fridays and Feminism – all would need work & perhaps I can manage that when the three dimensions merge.

If you wish to follow my journey towards finding a firmer voice on Feminism , you can follow my Facebook page here. You can also hit the follow button for my blog and my posts will find a way to your inbox. No pressure , think it through or don’t . But whatever you do hang in there coz Friday is two days away!


Wondering what’s ‘Embrace’? Read my post here. Curious about my views on Feminism , read more here.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Facebook

  1. I see so many tweets about feminism on my timeline. So in my “experience”, I guess what you say is true. One needs to believe in feminism, specially when activities in society make it difficult for feminists to stay true to their beliefs. I just hope that all women worldwide can stay strong enough to fight for what they want and deserve!
    Mithila Menezes recently posted…FrozenMy Profile

    1. Thanks Mithila, I think your generation has its task cut out . To look at the real issues and give it the much needed passion beyond the many distractions and the loud noise !

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