Playing #SecretSanta With #BlogChatter #MicroblogMondays

Call me crazy but I waited till 25th December to open my Secret Santa gift.

This year I was part of a Secret Santa group for the very first time and the excitement of gift giving to a virtual friend was reigning high. After days of contemplation and exploring various gift options I sent across to my Santee something I’d been planning to buy for a long time :  A Sherlock Holmes TV series. So when it was time to receive what I was sincerely hoping someone spent a tiny little thought and some iota of energy into choosing for me , my joy was inexplicable.

After you reach a certain age and I am generalizing to make it sound as normal as perhaps it isn’t , you aren’t enthralled by ‘things’ . You earn enough to buy what you want and whatever could possibly be ‘gifted’ to you per se has already been gifted .  The clothes or new shoes or an electronic gadget don’t need an occasion to be enjoyed.  More so , since we moved into a new home this year and everything in it is BRAND new , my need for shopping was more or less satiated . But I was wrong.

One look at the parcel and I realized how long it has been since I’ve received a gift in a box. Add to that it was the first time that I got it from a stranger.image

And here they are , the fabulous cutting chai glasses in a ‘desi crate like holder’ that’s bright , snappy & gorgeous. It also didn’t take me too long to figure out who my Santa was coz the contact number on the package was a give away. As soon as I dialed , I saw G’s number flash on my phone screen and then we chatted like we’ve known each other for ages.


Thank you my dear fellow BlogBuddy G for the Secret Santa gift and your childlike enthusiasm made me feel 10 years younger too AND Thank you BlogChatter for the lovely iniatitive that turned so many virtual strangers into happy little Santas .

I had myself a merry little Christmas , and you?

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G also happens to be a fellow #BlogTrotters BlogBuddy and writes some really awesome poems here.

11 thoughts on “Playing #SecretSanta With #BlogChatter #MicroblogMondays

  1. The gift is beautiful! Receiving a gift is a wonderful experience, and giving is a much more fulfilling one 🙂 Good that you had a great Christmas. Wishing you a fabulous 2017 too 🙂

  2. I am in love with this gorgeous set Chandni! I wouldn’t mind the Sherlock series you chose either! One realizes, one is never too old for gifts or surprises, isn’t it? The little pleasures of life…may they keep raining frequently on you. Love and hugs!
    kalaravi16 recently posted…Lessons from CrochetMy Profile

  3. I love wrapping paper- there I said it! I have sent out like 20 gifts this year around christmas and 3 were part of secret santa pacts.
    Last year too I had played secret santa with another group – I sent something to that santee again this year as somehow we have become friends n then she discovered I was her santa- she sent me gifts back later in the year.
    I have made some amazing online friends via twitter and blogging in 2016 and have sent out gifts to most as a thanks and token love.
    I loved the gift your Santa has sent you – very thoughtful and tasteful too!
    shalzmojo recently posted…Instagram – instant photo fameMy Profile

    1. just reading your comment makes me want to jump with joy .. what a wonderful santa you’ve been huh .. 20 gifts! you are surely spreading happiness and its all coming back to you , I can sense that ..
      happy ‘spreading joy’ my girl!

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