Seeking Goosebumps #BestOf2016

Over the weekend , As I watched Mahavir Singh Phogat & his gritty daughters chase a common dream , I had my Dangal moment.

People quit work and backpack their way across the globe. Some others jump from the sky or go deep-sea diving. People do crazy things to feel alive. In a world that constantly fluctuates between ‘1 second wonders’ & ‘painfully ordinary’ , I’ve come to realize what drives some of us is ‘Getting Goosebumps’. That’s what we seek when we read other people , watch movies , travel to places off the tourist map or start something of our own.



Every year sees a lot of ups and downs . We change a bit , grow a lot. As the dates on the calendar change this year , I feel like a completely new person. Amidst those 365 days and millions of moments that went by, there were quite a handful that gave me what I sought. These are the moments that will give me goosebumps for a long time.

  1. Wrote out my New Year’s resolutions and Created a Vision Board . More than achieved 4 out of 5 goals for 2016.
  2. Attended BlogChatter Workshop – Twice and met Richa , the person who has literally brought me back to life.
  3. Completed my very first daily blogging challenge . Amidst one gazillion things I was managing in April it was like scaling an Everest but the view from the top was worth it .
  4. Published my very first eBook thanks to BlogChatter & I can’t thank Reema , Roma , Rohan , Shinjini & Maggie for saying such kind words in their reviews.
  5. Experienced home-coming. I remember almost a year back stepping into a space that was all bland walls and feeling a sense pride and joy that can never be put into words, so I wont even try. Home to me is peace and this year I’ve found a piece of it.
  6. Won my First workplace R&R , gave it up and learnt an invaluable lesson in return. Put your head into your work & you’ll never be heart-broken in the bargain.
  7. Took 3 months of my life and spent it in doing nothing! Experiencing Joie De Niente , Best decision ever .
  8. I also moved my blog to its own space. Going self hosted had been on my mind for years now , it happened thanks to HostMyBlog peeps.
  9. Got hooked to tracking Alexa Rank  and now there’s no looking back. Getting My Alexa Rank from NA to 3L was such a high. Now onto sub 1L . Hmm.
  10. Meeting some amazing people. Energetic , positive , honest , forward-looking , driven , inspired & inspiring . We live in such exciting times , there seems to be so much out there that’s turning the world go around . This year I got goosebumps as I looked at people doing so much more with their lives that meets the eye. It’s so important to move out of our little well and take that leap because what you seek is seeking you.

On a cold Christmas-y Sunday , I look back at 2016 with a lot of warmth.

It was about sparkling movies , inspired writing , self love, discovering amazing stories , finding my niche , connecting with fabulous people and getting ready to Embrace 2017. How was 2016 for you and what are you seeking from 2017?

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33 thoughts on “Seeking Goosebumps #BestOf2016

  1. It’s awesome to hear that you’ve complete four out of five resolutions! And yes, I’ve been reading and catching up on almost all of these points as they were posted 😉

    Wishing you a positive 2017, full of goosebumps and awesome memories ❤

    My roundup post will be up soon too! 🙂
    Mithila Menezes recently posted…A Tale of ForgivenessMy Profile

  2. Hmm, pretty impressive I would say, considering your 3 months of joie de niente, which personally I think might have been the most fulfilling 😉 Haven’t seen Dangal yet, may be my New Year eve’s watch, since I have no plans as yet! I am sure 2017 is going to be spectacular for you and I wish you plenty more milestones that will be gratifying to the mind and soul!
    kalaravi16 recently posted…Lessons from CrochetMy Profile

  3. That’s a wonderful roundup post, Chandni! I connected with you during #MyFriendAlexa and loved your enthusiasm throughout the campaign and further in your tweets and posts. I remember when you moved to self hosted site and tweeted for genuine feedback. That day also I mentioned in my tweet that the site look is simple and quite attractive. And today also, I would again say that the movement was a good decision, very well planned and the timing was perfect i.e. just before MyFriendAlexa.

    Hope you have an awesome 2017. Happy New Year to you and your family. Party hard! 🙂
    Saumy Nagayach recently posted…A new year, a new beginning !My Profile

    1. Saumy thanks for being such a wonderful supporter.. I always feel that genuine feedback and heart felt support is very precious and I completely value every kind word you’ve said. Have a super 2017!

  4. Firstly, I loved the title of your post, ‘Seeking Goosebumps’ !
    I enjoyed journeying my way through your words, recapping 2016. I would think it has been an awesome year, no?
    Cheers to 2017! More words, more dreams, more accomplishments! And a rapidly falling Alexa Rank !:)

    1. Thanks Mayuri .. I think every one deserves an extraordinary life .. perhaps that’s why we write and we read other people to break away from the ordinary .. to dream 🙂 just like you’ve wished for me .. I wish you many many words and dreams and your blogging goals accomplished too.

    1. Thanks Amrita 🙂 when 2016 began i had no idea it would be so eventful so you are right .. we never know what awaits us but its certainly good if we are open to embrace it.. which is my Word of the year..

  5. What a lovely year you had, Chandni! Very inspiring to see you achieve so much. And so glad to have met you in person. Here’s to a great 2017 with a lot many goosebumps moments!

  6. 2016 for me, was forgettable or so I thought till I read your post.Have I told you ever, you are a joy to so many and positivism is infectious. I look back at my 2016 in a different light now. As far as 2017 goes, I have my plans ready, but as 2016 taught me, life never goes according to plans. I just hope though that everything that happens is an experience. And I guess,life will be perfect.
    Jaibala Rao recently posted…The Page TurnedMy Profile

    1. Life isn’t perfect but as writers we can create our perfect little worlds with happy shiny people like you ..
      Thank you kind stranger , you are a joy to so many of us too!

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