C’mon & Let it Show #BlogDelurkingWeek

Yesterday some of us got talking about the essence of blogging.

While there are people like me who are here to read inspired writing and also go back and visit people who visit us because that’s basic courtesy , there are others who look at blogging with utter selflessness . Read , read , read . Share , share , share. And maybe just maybe you’ll save that one blogger from vanishing into oblivion by just being there .

Blogging can save a life. Might sound ridiculous to only those who’ve never poured their heart out in a post even if it’s still sitting in the draft folder or shared between a closed group of beta readers or got that one heartfelt comment that resulted in one more unspoken connection.

Blogging has saved my life. Someday I would write a post about it .

But not today because this is a cheat post. At least it started out as that. One that’s quick to crack & one that’s essential to write because after all that reading and sharing and spreading blog love, YOU need to write too. Not magical content that goes viral or a piece of your life as a journal entry – you write to keep the cycle of  Read-Share-Write going.

But this is my first post of 2017. It has to be beautiful. It has to be memorable. It has to be worthy of looking back on 31st Dec with a sense of revelry & pride. It can’t be about the incredibly stupid #NotAllMen debate , or stressing ‘Feminism isn’t optional for men and women’ pointlessly, or the mind numbing ‘Notion of Nation sans respect for fellow Nationals’.

Nothing toxic & angry. No myth -busting or calling out hypocrisy.

My post needs to be about happiness, magic & the incredible goodness in people especially in the blogging world.

That’s why when I came across Parul’s post yesterday about Blog Delurking Week  I literally heard violins play and saw stars shining inside my head. Yes, as dramatic as that . I remember missing out on it last year as I discovered it a tad bit late, not that this year has been any better but at least you and I have 2 more days to make amends.

As bloggers we are habitual lurkers . We read a lot but leave notes or share only a percentage of what we like. But today dear fellow blogger if you are here and you are reading this , irrespective of how long you’ve know me ,  I request you to leave me a note and keep the spirit of ‘blogging for the love of blogging’ alive.

In the comments below , tell me about your plans for 2017 or the kind of posts that make you happy or how you landed here or if you like what I write or what’s you plan for the weekend or the song that you are humming.  Talk to me ?

For a second let’s forget anything that’s pulling us down and celebrate this moment in time – when we are separated by a digital screen and united by the love of the written word.

Today , don’t play peekaboo and let your Bloglove show.



If you wish to know more about International Blog Delurking Week 2017 , read Laurel’s post here .

Feel free to borrow this badge created by another blogger I love , Mellissa.




32 thoughts on “C’mon & Let it Show #BlogDelurkingWeek

  1. Fun post! And thank you for the tag.
    I don’t stop by much, however, I will change that in 2017 🙂 I want 2017 to be happy and peaceful. I am looking forward to different career experiences and growing in what I do at work.
    For blogging, I am working on to write better but there is no plan there 🙂
    Happy new year, Chandni! I haven’t told you that yet. Hope you have a great 2017.
    Parul Thakur recently posted…International Blog Delurking Week – 2017My Profile

  2. Congratulations on your first post of 2017 , Chandni, may many more follow *at regular intervals, please*

    Wow, there is something called Blog Delurking Week? Learnt of it through your blog, thanks.

    The one thing I want to change about my Blogging in 2017 would be, to reply to the comments on my posts. To each and every one of them. Yes *determined gleam in the eye*

    1. Isnt that amazing Mayuri! I read about it a little late last year. Yesterday I discovered it on Parul’s blog , who saw it on someone else’s blog. I think its a great idea .. and when ideas spread like that , I find it fascinating.

  3. Writing germ can’t live without food of loads of reading. And Chandani, your this blog space gives really lot to eat for that germ in my head. For 2017, ‘blogging for the love of blogging’ is what I am aiming for. Hoping I can post more than 100 posts in an year which you all will enjoy….
    Cheers ?? for amazing year ahead…

    1. Hey Aditya , it’s your first time at my blog and am so happy to have made a good first impression . Wish you the very best for your goal of 100 posts this year !

  4. That pretty little kid peek-a-booing at me got me to run down to the comments. Just to let you know that you’ve got one fangirl here ?

    Blogging is a lonely journey behind the computer screen for me, but interacting with bloggers online, reading lovely comments brings a smile to my face. I wish I could take a selfie for all the times I read a positive comment 🙂

    Bring it on, 2017. We are going to be ready with our happy hobby called blogging and our cheerful supporters (who hopefully won’t lurk anymore!)
    Mithila Menezes recently posted…The Bare NecessitiesMy Profile

    1. You fangirling my kid? Well if you happen to be in delhi , chances are I would get him for our meet up . Trust me , that’s what happened with Aditi ..
      Jokes apart , I think there are very few ways in which we can create little moments of joy .. as bloggers we have so many opportunities to do so. Lets create magic together girlie !!

  5. Hi Chandni, this ‘blog delurking week’ seems quite interesting! As you have already gone through my new year post, you must be aware of my goals for the year ahead. After reading this post, one more thing that I really want to implement is “less lurking and more participating” – for sure!

    1. Thanks Neha ! That’s a fantastic goal and honestly the toughest to achieve . Trust me If that’s one thing you can mange this year.. all other goals will follow ..

    1. Thanks Manisha for not lurking . My new year was good but the days that follow were overwhelming..
      Wish you achieve all your blogging and personal goals and no one lurks around without leaving a nice word on your blog all this year .. me included.

  6. Loved your kid’s peek-a-boo photo!! Sooo cute..
    Also, thank you for introducing me to blogging delurking week! I sometimes find myself hesitant to comment or like posts and have to remind myself that it is actually free to do so! I am still one of those newbie bloggers, but writing has literally made my life more enjoyable and left me feeling more sorted! My initial aim for 2017 is to make a blogging calendar, to keep me blogging regularly!

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by Namy! I want to crack a content calendar too. I am trying really hard to post twice a week. But so far wk1 has been disappointing . Thankfully I am reading a lot so that’s promising .. and when it comes to blogging , we are all newbees. Its just our energy and intent that matters ! Have a fulfilling and inspiring 2017.

  7. Parul’s post brought me here 😀
    Hello Chandni 🙂 I love how you have unfolded delurking and have written about it in this post 🙂 2017, I will blog more seriously, and travel more (hopefully) Wishing you the best and am glad you found Parul’s post, otherwise this space would have missed the first post of year and a good one at that. Cheers

    1. I just love the way the circle of kindness expands in blogging, you got here coz of Parul , I wrote this post coz of her and now someone [apart from me ] would read this delightful note from you and drop by at your blog 🙂
      thanks so much for dropping by .. wish you many exciting travels and a lot of heart felt writing in 2017.

  8. Hi Chandni!!Well we met through blogchatter and i am not those silent lurkers infact i know its great to receive a comment on a post so I never miss writing one.My plans for 2017 is writing daily, increase traffic and become serious about blogging. I am humming “Humma, Humma” these days.
    I am looking forward to my Europe trip this year so yes thats all about me 🙂
    Richa recently posted…Did you know these early signs of pregnancyMy Profile

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