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Of Totems , Moments & Bidding January Goodbye

Once in a while we go through a phase when the totem keeps spinning and you are half convinced that you are in a dream within a dream. If you hang around too much you may go into a limbo & never come back to the real world.

That was January 2017  blogging wise for me.

The crazy ‘Inception’ inspired analogy aside, Inspite of having my Blogging Goals outlined months in advance , I could see myself losing hold on the things I wanted to truly blog about. perhaps I was over thinking and over reading and over debating them too much. Or perhaps like a famous person once told me ‘I don’t have the drive’.

The easiest way to get something done from me is by telling me I can’t do it. ‘Challenge accepted’ , I thought.

But when it came to action I floated around social media completely losing my center. I lurked around on blogs searching for inspirational stories , happy posts . But I kept going back to all that’s morbid all around us.

The early euphoria died as soon as the news of the Banglore Incident kicked in . I was still recovering from the whole Trump debacle and avoiding debates centered around ‘He’s not your president’ . Worse , had to keep reiterating to men and women how the conversation about women issues isn’t about the men and their fragile egos that needed cushioning. It was mind numbing.

By the 7th of January, I was exhausted. It went spiraling down from there.

It was magical to see Viola Davis talk about Meryl Streep with admiration & respect. It was moving to hear Meryl use a Lifetime achievement Speech to talk about Empathy. Her words ‘Take your broken heart and turn it into art’ kept nudging parts of brain for days that are yet unexplored by science. [relive the moment here ]

I felt a sense of pride when millions of women across the world stepped out to claim their space . Across cities in India, at the Women’s March in Trump’s Lalaland. Nasty Woman & Dissent became the unofficial word of year.

I tweeted a LOT , Read a LOT , thought a LOT & because of all that slept very little . But , I didn’t write.

And then my favorite month arrived & it’s as if the totem stopped spinning.

The stars aligned , the haze lifted & I sat down to type.

So long January , you got me agitated , kicking & finally look at things more clearly as the dust settles.

Apart from the Feminism High Points , you were a month about feeling things for which words haven’t been invented yet.

You are laughing at me aren’t you? Go ahead , I challenge you to give me a word that describes any of these.

The feeling when a complete stranger sends across a Christmas gift to you , coz you cheekily asked for one?

Being on the must – meet list of another acquaintance travelling to India from another continent & getting you a souvenir ?


Or a complete stranger sends you positive karma as he shares his version of ‘tough times don’t last , tough people do’ pep talk.

January was a mixed bag of crazy and lots of ‘moments’ . But it’s over and now we are in Feburary with the realization that the ever expanding circle of kindness In blogosphere is my totem that keeps pulling me in & I keep coming back to the third dimension.

How was your January? Are you following through your blogging goals? And if you actually managed to understand that whole ‘totem’ spiel there , tell me what helps you not get into a limbo?


14 thoughts on “Of Totems , Moments & Bidding January Goodbye

  1. You are writing again! Hallelujah!!
    And a great post as well. I love the pictures, and the gifts, how lovely!
    January whizzed past before I realised it. Hoping to savor February slowly and sweetly.
    Keep writing, please!

  2. Great to see s post from you, I just had to hop across n read!! ?

    Hang in there with the positives. I read something the other day ” if you want to be happy;when you meet ppl, talk abt all the positive things in your life…” – passing it on like a happiness baton for its really terrific advise- don’t you think?

    I haven’t really understood why are we crying over stuff which is not affecting us like it’s not in our face. Besides can we really change something by simply crying over it?

    You should have written your angst in a post over things troubling you, rather than not writing at all.

    May the totem spin some more and in the right direction.

    Hope to see more of your writing.


  3. What important to note is that the thing that should be yours along with the message, found a way to reach you. So what, if you asked for it? 😉
    Summarizing the month is a great step to reflect and I love to do that as well. Hope the love that gets showered, makes you write more.
    Parul recently posted…Never stop growingMy Profile

  4. Mixed bag describes it best, I must say. A part of me was sure the world was collapsing (same reasons that you’ve mentioned) and I’m still convinced it is. The other part saw some very heartwarming pieces on the news and online, which restored some of my faith, so to speak.
    I did feel it was overly long though… Was that just me?
    Sreesha recently posted…Mr. Heckles and IMy Profile

  5. Im glad I swung by. Keep writing Chandini. It’s the elixir to the writer’s soul. And please don’t beat yourself for not writing, I’ve done enough of that and it’s not worth the emotions. Just be happy and write. More power to you!

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