Getting Ready for #AtoZChallenge 2017

I took up #AtoZChallenge in 2016 for the first time.

I was so mentally prepared for it , I get goosebumps as I think about it. April 2016 was an Everest with just way too much happening on personal & professional front and a daily blogging challenge was absolutely not what I needed in my life.

Yet , I knew I wanted to take it up [ I realized it after I watched a movie about a girl taking a solo hike , so get the drift ? ] and with barely any posts pre-scheduled , I dived into April armed with nothing but a determination of writing 26 stories about Everyday Women.

Not just hike , I managed to move mountains and at the other side of the challenge I found my very first eBook .

But that was last year and I was convinced in my second run I would be so prepared , with extensive research done & posts scheduled in advance that it would be EPIC. Well , it has been an epic disaster so far.

I am nervous & very unsure and after extensively researching and abandoning 3 themes I knew for a fact if I didn’t write a theme reveal post , I’d for sure not be going for the challenge at all.

So here we are , you and me , all set for a month filled with writing , reading and sharing with #AtoZChallenge  2017 .

With all the exhausting posts I have been writing almost since the year began , I absolutely needed a theme that combined the subjects I really love writing about but keeping it fun yet relevant . But all that’s for tomorrow .

Today is for prepping up the blog for the long haul that awaits us. So a brand new page is up . I am flaunting the Badge and now that I KNOW I am in [phew!!] I can’t wait to share my theme with you and get to know yours!

See you tomorrow – it’s going to be one crazy ride !

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    1. I downloaded Feedly too! but I am unable to comment on your posts thru my phone coz Captcha thinks I am a robot .. so I ‘ll try and fool it through my laptop !

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