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Last year , on the day of the Theme Reveal I’d taken a 5AM flight in the morning , a bus journey to another city at 5PM ,  posted my theme reveal around midnight & stayed up to read countless blogs thereafter.

The inspirational story about my Theme Reveal this year is that I have one!

So on that exciting note , let’s kickstart the countdown to April when I’d be blogging daily [ minus the Sundays ] as a part of the AtoZChallenge 2017 . The two genre I love to write about would come together in this space as an alphabet inspired post per day.

Women & Movies!

Since the year began , I’ve explored various narratives concerning representation of women. For the AtoZChallenge , I’d be extending this stream of thought in the contemporary Indian mainstream cinema.

As Indians movies have been such an integral part of our lives , they’re almost a religion to us. We have watched those beautiful tales unfold on the Silverscreen . Daydreamt our life with soundtracks playing in the background , have obsessed over celeb-trivia & watched those larger than life characters with star-crossed love.

But beyond the song & dance , the movies are also an industry with its set of rules and ways of business . We know it runs because of its leading men but then again the leading ladies make them the ‘heroes’. So the women are there for a purpose in most mainstream Indian movies but how relevant are they to the larger story is something we barely give too much thought to as long as they look beautiful and dance like magic.

As per a study on Female characters in popular cinema across 11 countries called Gender Bias Without Borders by Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media & UN Women , Indian movies topped the charts in under & stereotypical representation of women in popular movies.  Indian movies focus on aesthetics isn’t breaking news , but it was shocking to know in our movies more than 1/3 of female characters are ‘objectified’ , the highest across the sample .

The screen time and space women enjoyed in powerful roles was significantly lesserWith women taking up less than 1/4th of screen ‘speaking’ time in our movies , we were at the bottom. Even the numbers behind the screen weren’t very positive as lesser women contribute in the mainstream ‘Bollywood’ industry as producers or scriptwriter than most others included in the study,  as low as 1 female for every 6 males are involved in the process of film-making.

But those are stats and blogging isn’t about mathematics , it’s about opinions . So what’s my point?

The ‘Women in Movies’ series here won’t be exploring these gaps , it’ll be celebrating everything that’s right.

All through April , explore with me characters that make us question those facts .

The women that aren’t just a pretty face like the wallpaper adding to the overall screen décor , they are critical to the narrative . They make the entire movie run around them, they move the story forward .

Characters that are strong , poignant , beautiful and most importantly real & relatable .

I am collaborating with Jaibala Rao who is blogging about iconic movies of our generation here . Click here to join me in my #AtoZChallenge journey this April as I explore women representation in contemporary movies. If you find my theme interesting and/or are participating in AtoZ too, drop a note or connect with me on Twitter and let the conversations begin.

61 thoughts on “Women In Movies #AtoZChallenge #ThemeReveal

    1. Thank you Shalini . Between the two of us – we have covered everything interesting that there is in the world of blogging . Cooking, Movies , Travel and Women 🙂

    1. Thanks Raj! Those are good suggestions.. do come back to see if I cover them and please please do suggest more if they cross your mind. Thanks so much!

  1. aaah…what a wonderful wonderful theme! I am so glad you are taking up this subject! I look forward to your posts through April & the insights I believe you and you can shed light on!
    Good Luck!

  2. I haven’t watched many movies, but out of the few ones I’ve watched very few were women-centric. Talk about subset within a subset!

    I hope that Queen and Barfi make their way in your list! Queen, because Kangana was fabulous as hell in that movie, and Barfi, because Ileana and Priyanka did their bestest ever in that movie.

    Will surely check out All your posts in April, for some handy tips on which flicks to catch after the exams 😀

    All the best, Chandni ❤?
    Mithila Menezes recently posted…Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge 2017My Profile

  3. Great theme! I would love to read about women in Cinema, its high time they get better roles, so that the audience have great role models on screen.

  4. That’s a super theme Chandni, the roles that our leading ladies do in the Hindi or south movie industry (or anywhere actually) specially the likes of Miss Kaif are no brainer bimbette sort – which i seriously don’t know why they exist!! Collaboratin is so cool. Wy didn’t I get such an idea – is it like 13, 13? That would be so nice! Tip for next year.
    Tina Basu recently posted…A to Z Challenge 2017 Theme Reveal – All About LifeMy Profile

  5. I am a movie lover and also fall in the band wagon of feminists. So good for me… I totally relate to this theme. Choice matters and i loved your’s. Looking forward to read more

  6. Chandni, the moment I read about your theme you had my attention. There’s soooooo much that needs to be talked about women in movies. Thank you for choosing this theme 🙂

  7. This sound too interesting to read Chandni. This will not only throw some light on Bollywood but I am sure you will come up with some interesting hidden stories and facts. Will be around. Its my first time for the challenge and I am excited.

    1. Upasna , its so heartening to see people whove supported me all along to have expectations from the content I am putting together. Its slightly humbling and very nerve wrecking:)
      First times are really exciting . You’ll be overwhelmed with all the Blog love you’ll get .
      Thank you for the faith and happy blogging together through April!

  8. Hey, I’m a movie buff too! I’m going to enjoy this theme big-time. You’ve selected a versatile theme, there are so many women-centric characters that are inspiring, especially in Hindi cinema. Looking forward to reading on this in April!

  9. I love that you would talk about the bright side. There are some inspirational women roles that changed the way we perceived women. It’s a great theme – movies and women – rolled into one.

  10. Hello Chandni 🙂
    That is absolutely an interesting topic. I mean we all talk about women and topics revolving around it but then taking up as a theme for an #atozchallenge would definitely influence or let the mindset of many people out there get thinking.

    P.S – am wondering would be it Z for Zoya Akhtar or Z for Zeenath Aman. 🙂 😉

    Sneha from Life as a Potpourri and this is my second year into #AtoZChallenge. I welcome you all to visit my blog and this years theme i have chosen as
    Amazing Andamans
    Wishing you all the best!!
    Happy blogging 🙂
    ~~ gal from the island ~~

  11. I eagerly look forward to your posts this April, Chandni. Your theme caught my attention the minute I saw it on Twitter! The sad reality stems from KJos of the country pointing fingers at the Kangana Ranauts for simply speaking up. There needs to be MORE talk on how women have played a key role in changing the face of Indian Cinema.

    Good luck!

    P.S : Dropped a not so subtle hint for the letter K 🙂

    Anjali – Day-dreamer, occasional writer and guitar hobbyist.

  12. Brilliant! Brilliant! Just brilliant! I am a media student myself and the theme you chose has a vast area to explore and talk about. This is one of the most underrated issue of our country, one the most people don’t care about. But, it is indeed an reflection of modern day patriarchy. I am definitely gonna tag along with you on this one!
    from Purrfectgirl

  13. I know nothing of Indian films but the stats you mentioned are no surprise to me. I hope you focus more on significant women over superficial ‘beautiful’ ones. Really looking forward to these posts though!

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