[G] Who rules the world? Girls! #AtoZChallenge Day7

It was a problem of plenty that I faced as I formed this post in my head. While for most of the other alphabets , I am crystal clear about the core idea , for G somehow there were just too many thoughts and no sense of direction.

There was G for Geeky Turned Goddesses , my initial thought as a tribute to all those stunning plain jane to drop dead gorgeous makeovers done right. I know , it reeks of hypocrisy , but blame it on my blind love for KJO’s brand of cinema , I have been a big fan of nerdy girls becoming head turners since Anjali replaced her sportswear for Manish Malhotra Sarees in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai . It’s considered sexist by many, in the way Rahul chose the pretty Tina and took notice of his best friend as a possible love – interest only after she started looking like a girl but then THAT’S exactly my point! He didn’t seem the type who’d fall for his ‘bro’ . Anyway, there have been some really heartening transformations that make you root for the girl so that she gets the guy or gets a new way of looking at her life. The tomboy Anokhi [ Aaja Nachle ] woos the guy of her dreams , the spunky Ishika [ Ladies Vs Ricky Behl] turns the tables on the conman and ofcourse our favourite character on screen Rani [ Queen ] changes her attitude & wardrobe as she discovers self love after her finance dumps her for being too simple. But if I need to write about one transition that’s not as in your face yet defines this category to the T then it has to be Naina [ Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani] . She isn’t a pigtails gone goldilocks story , she has always been the wild child, uncompromising , grounded- she only turns stunning in the second half while her basic DNA remains the same.  Geeky Turned Gorgeous done right.

The other track I wanted to pursue was of the Good Desi Girl . Since KJO gave the significant NRI community their due in the iconic DDLJ , there has been no looking back. The Bollywood movies have a large audience across the globe and these stories are their connect to the India that generations before them left behind . Incidentally as depicted in the movies quite aptly , a lot of them are still stuck in their version of India that in reality has changed beyond recognition. The idea thus of the perfect Indian girl , rooted in values to compensate for her supposed lack of Indian-ness is both intriguing yet amusing. Simran [ DDLJ] is a through London bred but she prays in the morning , seeks permission before planning a trip or even falling in love . Veronica [Cocktail] is the party girl perpetually drunk , out and about until she falls in love and moves on to cooking lavish dinners for the guy in question. No prize for guessing how the guy chooses the ‘Desi Indian’ Meera over the ‘Videsi Indian’ her.  A meet-cute I love to bits is when their shared love of ‘Bhachchan ‘ brings Jaggu [PK] an Indian media student in brugges and Sarfaraz , a Pakistani stranger , together. Once you get over the incredible sweetness of it all , you can’t ignore how the Iconic superstar connects even the warring neighbours and ofcourse the movie went on to become one of the biggest overseas blockbuster , like DDLJ.

Clearly , I couldn’t choose and I wrote about both , blame it on my utter happiness of hitting the week1 milestone.

Did I mention it’s my second time around for #AtoZChallenge [ and also a daily blogging challenge ever!] and I am enjoying it much more than last year . Even though I have stepped in April with Zero scheduled posts and only an excel sheet with some hurriedly written thoughts , I can already see the finish line. All these 26 posts would be compiled into a book with a fancy name. My second book & the one that I plan to post on Amazon to sell [ Woohooo!!]

I am warming up to – Who rules the world , GIRLS ! But if you can help me with a title that’s kick ass and all-girl power at the same time , drop me a note? Apart from good Karma , you’ll earn yourself a copy !


I am collaborating with Jaibala Rao who is blogging about Iconic movies of our generation here . Click here to Join me in my #AtoZChallenge journey this April as I explore Women representation in contemporary movies. If you are participating in AtoZ too , do leave your link and I’d try my best to drop by .

8 thoughts on “[G] Who rules the world? Girls! #AtoZChallenge Day7

  1. Suggestion for book title:
    ‘A feminist’s view on Bollywood’

    I’ll send you the names I think of, but right now this is the only thing popping up in my mind!

    I know that feeling of completing one week of the #AtoZChallenge . You’ve done fantastically well, from the research point of view, and presenting your case about the various facets of women in the Bollywood industry. My Evernote note is expanding with names of movies I must watch 😀
    Mithila Menezes recently posted…Be grammar conscious #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  2. I got really annoyed with KKHH because of what you said. I hated how when Kajol was a tomboy, she wasn’t considered but the minute she grew her hair and wore a sari, she became desirable. So frustrating! As for the views of NRIs, I do think they get stuck in the era they move. My cousin who was born and brought up in the US was more Indian than my sister and I who lived in India till our twenties. She learnt bharatnatyam, wore saris, and ended up marrying an Indian guy in a BIG Indian wedding. On the other hand, I’m still unmarried, have never worn a sari and quit bharatnatyam after a year! 😛
    Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted…#Ghazal: Love #atozchallengeMy Profile

  3. The good desi girl trope and the tomboy-to-cute gives such a wrong message to the girls, like you should be a *certain* way. I actually liked Konkana’s character’s transformation in Aaja Nachle, and I still think it wasn’t as bad as the Kajol-Anjali one, but now I do see there’s something not all right with that storyline. It reminds me of what Jugal Hansraj said to Kim Sharma in Mohabbatein about never changing for someone you love.
    Sreesha recently posted…Jealous Gods | #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

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