Some of the most moving fables have been the one’s that didn’t end in a happy ever after.

How much ever you root for the protagonists to overcome all odds , there is something poetic about tragedy. No wonder , as Steve’s plane crashed down , Diana sprung to life and truly became the superhero that she was meant to be in the recent screen scorcher ‘Wonder Woman’  .

I have always felt the most negative , feared emotions are the most inspiring ones. Envy , disappointment , anger , betrayal  can spark fascinating , real and personal storytelling. Yet we hide them behind thin veils of pretentious positivity .

The happy endings may be ‘politically correct’ but the stories that don’t end up the way we thought they were meant to , stay hidden in the corners of our mind , much after we [claim to?] have reconciled and moved on .

Why is that we don’t celebrate heartbreak and fallouts?

Partly because of the hurt and trying to put on a brave face . Partly because of the healing process that systematically demands us to emotionally detach ourselves from every happy memory that turned sour.

No wonder , we delete so promptly the messages that once brought us joy , those notes we kept stashed within pages of paperbacks , the mix tapes we hear endlessly on loop or those mails that transported us millions of miles. We hit delete , we tear them into bits and we hope against hope that these actions reinforce our will to move on .

Imagine the idea then of taking one’s broken heart and literally turning it into art? That’s exactly how I felt when I came across this stunning piece in HT Brunch a week before last about a museum dedicated to broken relationships.

Museums are the closest that come to modern day shrines of some slightly less ordinary lives. The dramatic costumes , the pens that rewrote history or the swords that started wars.

But here’s an idea that takes something raw and real which embraces all the pain to the point of wearing it like a crown . Poignant , Poetic or Pointless – take your pick but it’s an everyday fairytale alright.

Like I mentioned the other day , fascinating doesn’t even begin to describe it.


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Take Your Broken Heart & Turn it into Art
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One thought on “Take Your Broken Heart & Turn it into Art

  • June 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm

    Interesting perspective. Yet, I think sometimes all our negative emotions like envy, disappointment, anger, betrayal need a whole lot of understanding and take a lot of time before they can become a transformational story. The “fake positivity” may be a coping mechanism until we can reconcile things in our own head. And sometimes these negative emotions can simply be ugly, raw, and unfit for public consumption. Interesting perspective, though. As usual. 🙂
    btw – just how awesome was Wonder Woman? I want to watch it again, and again, and yet again!
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