Nights like these weren’t for sleeping.

They were to dream big dreams of how the little girl she had raised to walk with pride was now ready to fly .

She got up perhaps for the 10th time to take out the neatly tucked packet under her thread bare mattress.

Wrapped in a faded newspaper were a stack of hundreds of notes she had painstakingly saved through the years.

It almost felt like her own gateway to freedom from these brightly lit alleys frequented by many , respected by none.

She put it back along with the other admission documents & resumed her reverie.

The cold November night while she was reminiscing about the zeroes that follow a lakh , the masters of everyone’s fate were sitting on their plush throne signing orders that made the life’s earnings of many like her , zero.


Demonetization , also called ‘Noteban‘ is a much debated decision ‘announced’ by the Government of India on 8th Nov 2016 to ‘tackle black money’ by banning currency notes that form the lifeline of India’s cash dependent economy. It’s positive impact is yet to be demonstrated , its repercussion have been far reaching. Millions of lives changed irreparably as their lifelong savings  turned into pieces of paper , this is one such story.

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