Feasts , Fables and Fancy Travels #ThisAndWork

Recently , I began to doubt my pseudo existence as a blogger and voiced out my concerns to someone smarter & lesser active as a blogger.

It’s been two months since I wrote last , how long before the ‘blogger’ tag expires ? I wailed.

Is there an expiry date to passion , she reasoned. If It took Ms Roy 2 decades of wait for the right story to come to her,  how can the lesser mortals be judgmental of our will [or lack of it] to write?

That settled , I needed a hook , a plug , a spark to get back to blogging  the way I have begun to enjoy in the last one year.

But I couldn’t .

In my defense , my head has barely been above water with all the work , work travel and the travelling to and from work back home.

In May alone there were a mix of one day trips to Hyderabad and Mumbai . offsite at The Grand Bharat , work-lunches at Taj Palace and an exhausting err exhilarating back to back trip to Guwahati for work and Kasauli for pleasure.  For any travel or food blogger that’s perhaps the definition of an inspiration filled month. For me it was all #ThisAndWork.

You know how they say , life happens to you when you are busy making other plans? For me , a large part of life’s happening when am working. So what’s a girl to do but kind of make it her thing?

So here it is , a brand new chapter – documenting travel tales and my experiences as a working mom , out and about , trying to take over the world one day at a time. There would be fancy feasts , some fables and anecdotes but mostly snippets of my travels.

Have feet shall walk on cloud number 9!


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