Embracing 2017

And just like that 2017 is half way over.

I remember starting off the year feeling a strange sense of calm. I even chose a word of the year that now in hindsight feels like a premonition of the times of come.


Over the last few months , I can see how I have embraced every possible change that has come about – almost naturally.

I might not be incredibly proud of every decision in the past 6 months . Not everything that happened was full of positivity . Yet , as I look back , I can see how each of those moments & decisions lead me to this point .

Even though I’d love to write a round-up post covering personal and professional lives , for the sake of brevity , I am restricting this one to 4 ways in which I embraced Life in Third Dimension.

  1. Embracing Blogging for self. I rode the wave , I felt the adrenaline , I did the whole ‘ I shall blog no matter what!’ routine and now I’ve found my core DNA as a blogger, which isn’t what I have been doing so far. I don’t suppose I have ever blogged with an agenda per se , but now , more than ever , I blog for myself because that’s exactly what I like to do.
  2. Embracing my Voice as a blogger. Writing about women issues , everyday sexism , portrayal of women in visual media , stereotypes have been areas of interest that I used to grapple with when giving my thoughts some structure. Not anymore.  I could create a separate space in the last few months called #WeTheWomen [ as of now!] and I have managed to write some posts in  #WomenInMovies series or #PoliticsOfSilence series that I am incredibly proud of.
  3. Embracing ‘real’ Connections. I’ve always valued conversations & connections. Interestingly this year , I could manage to look up and found some around me. I could also take some of my online interactions offline and detach myself from the vacuum that talking into a screen is to finding real , lively , sparkling connections with happy shiny people!
  4. Embracing new ideas for my blog . While the list of things to do keeps piling up , I am glad there is always a long list of post ideas that I have brewing inside my head and I have managed to give some shape to #ThisAndWork which capture the life and times of a working blogger like me.

Up next , Top moments that defined 2017 thus far for me . From being quoted in HT Brunch , to meeting some really interesting people , to completing one year in my new home.  2017 has been eventful to say the least. Top Moments deserves a separate post and that would be written soon.

Did you have a word of the year? How is it turning out for you? Tell me about your year so far and how is the rest of it planned for you blogging wise..Let’s talk?

4 thoughts on “Embracing 2017

  1. It is great you’ve managed to embrace so much in 2017 so far! I have never thought about choosing a word for the year. I’d want to take care in what I chose, as I think picking one and having it in your thoughts would be somewhat a self fulfilling prophecy. I rethought my blog this past spring and got back to the original purpose of it 12 years ago.
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  2. I’m at that turning on the road, sitting on a bench looking at a path ahead. Or with my skis at the top of a scary, snow clad mountain with nowhere else to go but down and not in a depressing way. This blog piece is like that energy drink that I needed among others to help me take that plunge.

    I cannot give a word to my year, I think it’ll be unfair to the year, but what a thought it is! To articulate, to give form, and get inspired. I know you’re a kind of a super woman, but I’m gaining power out of this piece.

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