The Perfect Moment

I recently read somewhere about why people obsess over creating memories.

Why they get photoshoots done to announce to the world some of the most intimate things about their life. Those smiling selfies , the close up birthday pics , those long love-notes to each other on anniversaries , the milestones – big or small . We do that so that we can relieve not just the moment , but the way we feel in that moment.

Completely alive , achingly content , perfectly happy . Of all the world’s treasures the most priceless are ‘memories’ .

Of moments that you’d want to capture and freeze in the space and time continuum . So that you can come back and be ‘in them’ over and over again.

Isn’t that why we play ‘that’ song on loop , trying to find pieces of your story hidden in its carefully crafted words.

Or that corner bench in the park or that café , that picks you up and transports you like a malfunctioning time travel machine.

Some days , you want to write a post on your blog to just leave a mark , a hint , a clue to the future you.

To remind her of how happy she is , in this moment . Sipping her tea , reading happy shiny posts , listening to her song on loop and writing about moments . Just being.

Have you experienced such a Perfect Moment recently?



4 thoughts on “The Perfect Moment

  1. There are perfect moments in every day of your life. At least, that’s what I believe in. It just takes looking past the ‘husk’ to see the real grain of that moment.
    At least, that’s what I like to believe.
    I’m sure Future ‘You’ will be looking back at ‘Present You’ and saying, ‘Thank you! For finally being Zen!’

    1. Yes Sid , the future me will be very proud of all the right choices I made . The present me is glowing – feeling so blessed coz of people like you.
      Thank you for everything Sid.

  2. We all have perfect moments Chandni. Everybody’s way of seeing them is different. Some people get satisfied only with something big happening in their lives and on the other hand some are happy and content with the small joys they get each day…

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