Here we go again #100HappyDays

So it started out on a whim. Like most things that are good for you and most things that are meant to be do .

Last year , I remember my well thought through attempt at celebrating ‘little joys of life’ on a day to day basis didn’t last beyond a month. That was the farthest I have gone in all my past attempts put together.

From confusing the challenge with a need for seeking external validation to eventually accepting it as a process of self discovery , the lesson I learnt wasn’t a new one. Finding happiness isn’t the pot at the end of the rainbow , it’s the idea of looking up at the sky and soaking in the view.

The secret to finding happiness was in the act of seeking it.

I have thus recommended #100HappyDays to everyone I’ve seen remotely being keen to give it a shot. It’s not important what we post , how elaborate our public display of self love is . During the process , we’ll realize ‘exactly why’ we felt the need to take up the challenge at all and from that point on every moment you spend conjuring up posts , journal entries or capturing candid pictures is a bonus.

Yesterday as a blogger I truly admire , Roshan (who blogs at Godyears) & I got around talking , we decided to give it another shot.

The rest as they say is the title of my post!

Join me in my #100HappyDays 2017 Edition here & if you are inspired to take it up , leave me a note and we shall walk this path together .

One thought on “Here we go again #100HappyDays

  1. Looking forward to it! I am at a very crazy phase of my life right now (with thesis submission and hundred other things life is throwing at me every day). I need to read this !! 😀

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