Lost and Found #100HappyDays [1]

What are the chances that you try to capture ‘The perfect moment’ on your blog , feeling God like , glowing in your ability to create ‘a perfect memory’ for the future you and it disappears. It just vanishes without a trace leaving an error 404 on your blog and a huge gaping hole in your heart.

To say that I went through a zillion emotions in a matter of hours yesterday is an understatement , from heartbreak to acceptance to my utter surprise as Sid like a true Samaritan pulled a magic trick and got me back this precious memory before I was even done mourning its loss.

Between realizing I have lost a post to rediscovering the beauty of random acts of kindness yet again  , my Day 1 of #100HappyDays was pure perfection.


Magic , Memories and Moments – let’s just say my #100HappyDays journey couldn’t have started off on a better note.

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