Never Again Vs Everyday #100HappyDays [4]

Had such a blah day.

I can’t say it was sad , it wasn’t even happy-sad. It was just a royal waste of a day. The kinds you want to rewind and relive to just get things done right or even get things done.

Whatever be the case , you’d rather erase days like these from your memory coz they are so redundant .

Yet amidst all this you find yourself  humming a song. While braving the city’s mad chaos , while striking off a zillion pending things from your overflowing to-do list , while trying to stare into nothingness almost at the verge of another existential crisis & while colouring an activity book along with your 5yr old kid .

One song. On Loop.

That’s not new , what’s new though is that I am hooked not coz of the depth of its lyrics or the ways its music gives you goosebumps . It’s the way its sung. It’s almost as if the mellifluous voice is taking over those lazy corners of your brain and filling up its empty space with a soulful rendering .

While I’d never ever wish to relive today, this song will be playing on loop Rozana for days and days and days ..


Did you have a good day? What was its highlight ?

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