Weekends cant be anything but happy. You may spend them doing nothing or have a packed agenda , there is little chance (unless of course you are working ) that they aren’t spent in absolute bliss .

So for my  #100HappyDays post today , it was in fact a problem of plenty.

And then this flashed as a Facebook memory & summed up not just the day but my state of mind lately.


French makes the most mundane words sound magical . This one is particularly poetic .

I can see the exact same words in an entirely different context today in my current I – can – barely – hide – my – utter – joy state of mind vs the phase of my life that this memory belongs to.

I remember being at cross roads & making a choice that seemed ‘unreasonable’ . But I followed my heart back then & I continue to do so today .

If we aren’t living in the moment , are we living at all?

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Words , Heart & Reasons #100HappyDays [6]

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