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It’s an unsettling time to be anything other than yourself.

Every issue seems polarised, you are pushed to take a stance.

Politics, religion, festivals, gossip.

Opinions are only monochrome, Grey matter stands no chance!


Everyday a new debate kicks up the proverbial storm ,

The louder, the nastier person wins as a norm.

In the newsroom or boardroom, logic is a quiet spectator ,

The arguments simply skew towards the power centre .


You can be the bigger person, the careful parent, the sincere worker ,

The actions and not the results are in your hand after all .

When nothing makes sense, is it supposed to is the question ,

Life’s a waiting lounge on some days, on others a bursting terminal .



I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge , linking my post here .

The prompt for Monday, 9th October was Terminal. Read all my poems under the challenge under #WriteTribeProBlogger & drop your link if you are Writing Bravely too!

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