Centre Stage, Top of Mind: 2017 was the Feminist’s year

2017 FeministIn the modern history [that matters] 2017 would be remembered for a lot of things including the curve of Feminist glory reaching a tipping point.

If 2016 was about hushed whispers and meek debates in twitter chat rooms and some inspired writing here and there, 2017 was when the movement took Centre stage aiming for nothing but our complete attention. Such was it’s impact that Merriam-Webster named “feminism” the word of 2017. ‘Complicit’ came in a close next.

While India is still untouched and unmoved by the Feminism wave, quite evident by the fact that there is not as much conversations about it around us as ought to be & we continue to look at all the wrong places for a Feminist icon . 

But far across the globe – loud and clear, angry and demanding, impactful and persistent – the agenda and the voices kept at it right from the word go.

Millions of women took to streets in the first ever and definitely largest recorded protest – the #WomensMarch in January . While the trigger was anger and exasperation of an incompetent & alleged offender taking the most important seat in the western world power equation , it spread like wild fire across continents with women joining in to spell out loud how they were done with being seen as the secondary citizens.

Meghan Markle [ about whom I first wrote on my blog last year here ] would soon be the first ever black [ & previously married] woman being welcomed into the Royal Family.  The long list of things women can’t do , got shorter , as women finally got the right to vote in countries like Saudi arabia .

The age old walls of meaningless traditions & beliefs is slowly crumbling to let the fresh air come in. Women were slaying not just on the streets but also on the screens. Pardon the pun but I have an entire post on the year of the feminist at the movies lined up .

So much so that the cartoon character #WonderWoman also found her much deserved moment of glory. As Actor Gal Gadot & Director Patty Jenkins iconized the Superhero on screen that went on to break multiple box office records & my 5 year old son found a brand new idol .

2017 also saw the beginning of the end of an era – as men who abused their powerful positions across entertainment , business , politics fell from grace . More and more women spoke up and stood up. The #NastyWoman of 2016 gave way to #ShePersisted . The shift from defensive #NotAllMen to emphatic #YesAllWomen has begun. The women who made #MeToo movement phenomenal found themselves on the Times Person of the Year Cover – making girl power the most legit thing in 2017!

Movies , Politics , Journalism , Popular culture gave us a brand new breed of brave , sassy young women who broke the internet [ Beyonce’s Epic Viral Instagram Posts to announce her pregnancy and eventually the birth of her twins ] and broke the sporting records [ Serena Williams won a Grand slam pregnant and is all set to return in mainstream sports after a year of maternity leave] and definitely broke the glass ceiling [alrite made a tiny dent in it – blame the optimism on the festive spirit kicking in].

Perhaps the most amazing #FeministMoments this year happened when Women comradery overshadowed the shallow ‘Feminists hate men’  debate. Some of these stories inspired long-ish posts about women lifting up other women [when Viola & Meryl Streep warmed my heart in January & Beyoncé and Adele showed the strength of sisterhood yet again. ]  & eventually a separate section dedicated to #WeTheWomen on my blog!

While I couldn’t engage as much & wrote much lesser than i’d wish to on gender issues , for me 2017 was the year of the Feminist – when they took Centrestage and captured Top of Mind. 2018 has a high benchmark to beat and I can’t wait to experience all those stories & talk about them here with you.

Do you agree with me when I say 2017 was a phenomenal year for Feminism? What has been the moment that truly defined the year for you as far as women and their voice is concerned? Share more examples from India maybe? Let’s get talking!


One thought on “Centre Stage, Top of Mind: 2017 was the Feminist’s year

  1. Yeah, not a bad year for the ladies, still considering the fact we are ladies!! What still gets my goat is why aren’t there firmer laws in place to deter any act of violence or abuse against women? Wouldn’t women go all out further if they didn’t fear rebuttal from the male counterparts? I guess no such rules or sentences see the light of day, just so women have their wings clipped a bit….yeah you are free to fly but only this far. And there was the triple talak issue. Women still have to fight for something that archaic. Maybe I am just seeing things pessimistically, but there I said my piece.

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