Here’s to #ReinventIn2018

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Have you ever wondered if we could experience our life , like a saga?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to hear a narrator talk us through as the plot unfolds? If a background score highlights life-altering milestones or when we meet people who’ll have a lasting impact on us. What if every time we learnt an important life lesson or were a step close to a key decision – someone put the spotlight right on us to spell out how this is a special moment someday we will tell stories about?

Unfortunately , most of us live our life navigating the daily trivialities and often realize how glorious a moment was, in retrospect.

2017 has not been that kind of year. 

Though I chose ‘Embrace’ as the Word of the year to be more open to what awaited me , yet interestingly , the operative word this year has been ‘Aware’ .

2017 has been a year of being aware. Of signs that some people need to be weeded out to make space for new, of identifying real connections when they appeared out of nowhere. Of being in the moment . Be happier in the moment, grieving in the moment being angry to the point where I find peace in things that were out of my control & literally finding a balance between reason and intuition. The emotion remains my vice but let’s leave some work to be taken care of by 2018 too , right?

So on a day when I have one feet into a new life and one feet firmly in the past that’s shaped me , there is a word that comes to my mind. A word that single-handedly signifies adapting to the changes around us yet not changing what’s unique within.

Reinvent .

To shrug off the excess baggage and leave behind what’s insignificant. To retain what matters and helps me move forward . To invest myself in rebuilding and refreshing from within and outside.

My word for 2018 is Reinvent & I am excited for this brand new journey to begin.

Do you have a word for the year ? Share with me – why you chose it and what you plan to do to incorporate it in life across dimensions – work , personal and self?





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