Looking through a key hole

More often than not, we have a very tiny world view about experiences, people or concepts that do not directly impact us and rightly so. By destiny or design, the environment & the work / life intricacies that surround us, consume our time and minds , leaving very little room for exploration or discovery. That’s why perhaps, when we get to meet people or hear stories about the many worlds that are set away from ours it’s almost like peeping through a key hole.

Lately  , I’ve let my mind wander into this new world of ‘Liberal education’ that’s very different from the one I’ve known growing up as a student & now as a professional . This discovery almost feels like peeping through a key hole .

Liberal Education could actually  lead us into a free thinking world.

That exploration , coupled with a discovery of two new platforms – LinkedIn & Thrive Global has opened up the brand new world for writing passionately & purposefully .

LinkedIn as a platform for idea exchange & following the thoughts of inspirational role models and Thrive Global as a community that celebrates diverse views on enhancing overall well-being & performance across spheres is where I see connecting the dots when it comes to my personal brand in 2018 .

In the coming months , as I plan to spend disproportionate time opening doors into the world beyond these keyholes – of Liberal Education & powerful (and positive) idea sharing platforms ,  it made absolute sense that my very first published contribution to the Thrive Global Community was an opinion piece elucidating the relevance of this journey .

We often face the pressure to think outside the box as students and professionals – when the more pertinent question is

What if there’s no Box?

Do read and share your views and follow this journey under #ReinventIn2018.

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