Going Viral

If you have been around on social media and haven’t come across [ and flinched at what the world is coming to ] this tweet then you haven’t really been around on the social media at all. I remember being mildly amused as I came across a lot of people on my timeline RTing  ‘Nuggs for Carter’ tweet. Before I… Continue reading Going Viral


[F] Friendships and Women in Movies #AtoZChallenge Day6

Friendships between men and women are inherently different . That’s not an opinion or an observation , that’s a fact . Men are more of the ‘let’s catch some beer’ kind of friends whatever be the context [ break up or promotion ] . For women , Friendships are complicated , all-consuming , emotional , high involvement . They… Continue reading [F] Friendships and Women in Movies #AtoZChallenge Day6